How To Get Reckoning Weapons in Destiny 2

With the arrival of Destiny 2’s Season of the Deep, we were able to get a hold of new weapons that had Taken properties amongst them.

Those were not the only weapons though because it appears that the Reckoning Weapons from the Season of the Drifter have been reprised.

With the introduction of new features in Season of the Deep, players can once again get their hands on some of the weapons introduced by the Season of the Drifter.

Reckoning Weapons Destiny 2

How To Get Reckoning Weapons?

You can get your hands on Reckoning Weapons by going fishing and turning in the fish at the aquarium in the H.E.L.M. within the Sonar Station’s room.

Once you get your hands on some fish, the legendary rarity ones will count as chances to get legendary gear, which can either be the NPA armor or Reckoning Weapons.

The more legendary fish you obtain, the better your chances of getting Reckoning Weapons and once you have already obtained them, you can later get more by focusing.

How To Focus Reckoning Weapons?

By visiting the Sonar Station, you have the option to focus on Season of the Deep gear, which also includes the Reckoning Weapons.

You will first need to have obtained them previously, which requires you to go through fishing and turning in your catches for rewards.

Once you have obtained a Reckoning Weapon, you will be able to focus it later once you have obtained Deep Engrams to be used for it.

How To Go Fishing?

Fishing can be done once you have completed the Gone Fishin’ quest, which becomes available after you have started with Into the Depths seasonal quest.

During the seasonal quest, you will come across a mission called Operation Thunderbolt, which rewards you with a Salvaged Fishing Tackle.

This will later be used when you obtain the Gone Fishin’ quest, which will allow you to obtain a Fishing Tackle that can be used to store Bait, allowing you to fish.

List of Reckoning Weapons

The following is a list of all the Reckoning Weapons that can be obtained during the Season of the Deep, which can be obtained by fishing or focusing Deep Engrams.

  • Spare Rations (Kinetic Hand Cannon)
  • Bug-Out-Bag (Solar SMG)
  • Outlast (Solar Pulse Rifle)
  • Last Man Standing (Solar Shotgun)
  • Sole Survivor (Arc Sniper Rifle)
  • Just In Case (Solar Sword)


Reckoning Weapons have made a return in Season of the Deep, which offers Guardians a lot of rewards to choose from during the Season of the Deep.

To start farming for these weapons, fishing will be required to speed things up and once you get your hands on them, getting God Rolls becomes easier.

Crafting Reckoning Weapons will require Deep Engrams, so it would be good to get into the Seasonal Activities if you want to start farming for ones with better stats.

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