Destiny 2 Exotic Fish (How to Get, Pond Locations & Uses)

Destiny 2 introduced fishing as one of the new features in the game when Season of the Deep came out and this brought new ways to get rewards.

Aside from being able to increase your Sonar Station reputation, you get the chance to get a lot of equipment by fishing.

Some of this equipment can even be exotic gear, which requires that you catch Exotic Fish that can be deposited into the aquarium at the H.E.L.M.

Destiny 2 Exotic Fish Catching

What are Exotic Fishes?

Exotic Fishes are the rarest type of fish that you can obtain when you are fishing, and these can later be turned in at the aquarium to get Exotic Equipment.

These, however, are very rare, and obtaining them will need patience but will be very rewarding later on with the items you can get.

An Exotic Fish will be visible once caught, bearing the golden glow that exotics in the game have, and will also be shown on your screen when you pick up the fish.

How To Get Exotic Fish?

To obtain an Exotic Fish, you simply need to continue fishing until you get them but certain factors will increase the chances of getting them.

You will need to make sure that you have bait, which is automatically used and will be obtained as you do activities as this will increase the chance for rare fish.

It’s best to fish where there are more Guardians because this will increase your Focused Fishing meter, which will allow you to get more fish with better rarities.

Lastly, you should fish at an Exotic Fishing Pond as this will provide you with the best rewards, including Exotic Fish.

All Fish in Destiny 2

Below is a list of all the fish that you can find in Destiny 2 and each of them has its rarity that provides you with different rewards.

Exotic Fish

  • Kheprian Axehead
  • Aeonian Alpha-Betta
  • Vexing Placoderm
  • Whispering Mothcarp

Legendary Fish

  • Cod Duello
  • Deafening Whisker
  • Drangelfish (Baroque)
  • Galliard Trevally
  • Gnawing Hun Gar
  • Ignition Toad
  • No Turning Jack
  • Salvager’s Salmon
  • Servant Lobster
  • Temptation’s Haddock

Rare Fish

  • Aechen Cichlid
  • Agronatlantic Salmon
  • Allegrian Jack
  • Azimuth Angelfish
  • Chiron’s Carp
  • Cuboid Cod
  • Cup Bearer Catfish
  • Golden Trevallyhoo
  • Gusevian Gar
  • Hardcase Haddock
  • Koi Cirrus
  • Lamian Lobster
  • Madrugadan Mackarel
  • Traxian Toad

Uncommon Fish

  • At Least It’s a Carp
  • Cydonian Cichlid
  • Hadrian Koi
  • Minueting Mackarel

Exotic Fish UsesAquarium in the H.E.L.M. in the Sonar Station room

Exotic Fishes are used as a currency that is later turned in at the aquarium in the H.E.L.M. in the Sonar Station room.

This will reward you with Exotic Gear with the possibility of also getting you an Ascendant Shard and Enhancement Cores.

The Exotic Gear that you obtain will be chosen at random and this can range from weapons to armor from any season.

How To Find Exotic Fishing Pond Locations?Fishing Pond Locations

Exotic Fishing Ponds can be found in the game and these will rotate between the 3 Fishing Pond locations across the different destinations.

You can figure out which Fishing Pond is currently an exotic one by checking each of the locations or checking the Fishing Tackle in your inventory.

When checking your Fishing Tackle, it will mention that there is increased activity detected in one of the locations.

The locations where Exotic Fishing Ponds may be found are among the following:

  • Miasma (Savathun’s Throne World)
  • The Cistern (Nessus)
  • Outskirts (EDZ)


Fishing is a great way for you to obtain gear to unlock Deep Focusing options during Season of the Deep, which makes unlocking it easy.

Eventually, you will be able to obtain a lot of fish while you stay and catch them along with other Guardians, which is good for the Focused Fishing meter.

The best way to get Exotic Fish is to head to a Fishing Pond with a lot of players to build up the Focused Fishing meter and fish until the Fishing Pond disappears.

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