Diablo 4 Season 1 Quests (Season of the Malignant)

The Season of the Malignant involves the introduction of a new type of enemy, called the Malignant, which are corrupted creatures caused by a failed attempt to cure a man named Varshan.

It continues with the Wanderer (You) and Cormond finding a way to perfect a cure to save Varshan and the rest of the Malignant from the infection.

D4 Season of the Malignant (Season 1) Questline

Season of Malignant (Season 1) Questline

The series of quests for the Season of the Malignant has you fighting against the Malignant while finding a way to capture Varshan’s Heart to cure him.

The following are all the Diablo 4 Season 1 Quests:

How To Start Season Quests?Burning from Within (Season 1) beginning quest

The Season of the Malignant Questline will begin once you have completed the main campaign of Diablo 4 during the Season of the Malignant.

If you have previously completed the game before the season, you can choose to skip the campaign when making a new character.

Only characters made in Season of the Malignant will be able to access Seasonal Content, making it a requirement to participate in the season.

The MalignantThe Boiling Wound

The Malignant are enemies that were introduced during the Season of the Malignant and show corruption known in the game as Malignance.

These enemies are known to be infected by the Malignance caused by Varshan and tend to drop Malignant Ichor of different types.

Throughout the questline, you will encounter several Malignant Enemies and Elites as well as a Malignant Boss that started it all.


Season of the Malignant has introduced a creative new kind of enemy, allowing almost any enemy that you encounter to be infected by the Malignance.

Though this was presumed to be caused by Lilith, there is more to the story than meets the eye and you are likely to find out as you progress through it.

After you complete the Season of the Malignant Quests, you can continue grinding to grab loot and rewards during the remainder of the season.

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