The Cold Hard Truth Diablo 4 Walkthrough

You and Cormond have previously found the Superior Cage for binding but unfortunately, this won’t be able to save Varshan but it may put a stop to the Malignant.

Cormond has decided that it is time to end this at the place where it all started, which is in Velkhova and this is where Varshan will be put to rest.

The two of you are to meet up at Velkhova and will track down Varshan to put his soul to rest but getting there may require that you fight through the Malignant.

The Cold Hard Truth (Season 1 Quest) D4

How To Get The Cold Hard Truth Quest?

The Cold Hard Truth begins right after you have completed Ruins of the Faith Season Quest, which had you searching for a better cage.

The Cold Hard Truth Objectives

1) Meet Cormond at his wagon Outside of Velkhova

Clearing the Malignant from Velkhova

Cormond will be waiting outside of Kyovashad and you will need to head to him by following the marked area on your map.

2) Speak with Cormond

Once you reach Cormond, you will need to speak with him and after that, you will need to fight through the Malignant before you can reach Varshan.

3) Clear the Malignant from Velkhova

After speaking with Cormond, you will need to head to each of the areas marked on your map to fight the Malignant and get rid of their presence.

The three areas include different tasks which include the following:

  • Slay Druslava, a Malignant Velkhovan (Elite)
  • Destroy the Malignant Corruption
  • Defeat enemies in the area

4) Speak with Cormond

After taking care of the Malignant in the area, your next step is to return to Cormond to continue making your way to Varshan.

5) Enter the Velkhova Church Undercroft with Cormond

You and Cormond will need to head over to the Velkhova Church Undercroft, which will be marked on your map.

6) Find the ritual site with Cormond

Find the ritual site with Cormond

Once you and Cormond have entered the Velkhova Church Undercroft, the two of you will need to make your way to the ritual site by fighting through the Malignant enemies.

7) Speak with Cormond

After reaching the ritual site, speak with Cormond and he will instruct you to help with preparing the ritual.

8) Prepare the ritual

You will need to destroy the Malignant Corruption in the area and once you have finished this, each of the Ritual Incense will need to be lit.

9) Speak to Cormond to start the summoning

You will need to destroy the Malignant Corruption in the area and once you have finished this, each of the Ritual Incense will need to be lit.

10) Defend Cormond from the Malignant

As soon as Cormond starts the ritual, Malignant enemies will appear and attack him and you will need to slay them as they spawn at each Ritual Incense.

11) Kill Varshan

Defeat Varshan

Varshan will appear once the other Malignant enemies have been killed and the summoning ritual has been completed.

You and Cormond will need to fight Varshan together and slay him once and for all while avoiding his powerful attacks.

12) Capture Varshan’s Heart

Once Varshan has been slain, his Malignant Heart will drop (Varshan’s Malignant Heart) and you will need to interact with it.

13) Check on Cormond

After Varshan’s Malignant Heart has been captured, speak with Cormond and after the two have talked, the quest will be complete.

The Cold Hard Truth Rewards

Capturing Varshan’s Heart and speaking to Cormond afterward will complete The Cold Hard Truth quest, which rewards you with XP and Gold.

Aside from defeating Varshan, you will be able to obtain a Caged Heart called Varshan’s Caged Heart along with other loot.


Varshan has finally been stopped and you have obtained his Caged Heart and Cormond believes that it is now over and the Malignant may be stopped already.

To find out what else may happen and if anything else needs to be done, the two of you must meet up once more in Velkhova.

Cormond will be waiting for you at his wagon outside of Velkhova and you will need to see what he has to say once the two of you reunite.

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