How To Get Druidic Spirit Offerings in Diablo 4

Each class has something special about them in Diablo 4 and there is often something you can do to improve them even further.

When it comes to Druids, they can start unlocking powerful upgrades known as Spirit Boons that provide them with certain bonuses.

These however come at a price and to unlock them, you will need to spend Druidic Spirit Offerings that can be obtained now and then.

Druidic Spirit Offering D4

How To Get Druidic Spirit Offerings?Collecting the Pristine Key from the small coffer

Druidic Spirit Offerings are dropped by enemies that you kill and this seemingly appears to be random every time you kill an enemy.

As long as you are out slaying groups of enemies, you are bound to obtain Druidic Spirit Offerings that can later be used to purchase Boons.

Before you can start collecting these though, you will first need to reach Level 15 with a Druid and this currency will begin to drop.

Once a Druidic Spirit Offering has dropped, you will need to interact with it to pick it up as it will not automatically go into your inventory, so watch out for them.

Druidic Spirit Offerings Farming

The best way for you to obtain Druidic Spirit Offerings is to slay several enemies, which can often be done in dungeons or by roaming the different areas in Sanctuary.

Completing dungeons is a great way to farm Druidic Spirit Offerings as this guarantees a lot of enemies, including elites, which have a good chance to drop them.

To make farming this currency easier, it is best to use a build that can easily slay monsters so you can clear dungeons faster.

Druidic Spirit Offerings UsesWolf Spirit

Before you can turn in Druidic Spirit Offerings, you will need to head over to Tur Dulra and conquer the stronghold to access the area below.

This is where you can complete the Druid: Spirits of the Lost Grove Priority Quest (Unlocked at Level 15) which will allow you to purchase Boons.

Once you have completed those two steps, you may interact with the Wolf Spirit, Deer Spirit, Eagle Spirit, and Snake Spirit to purchase Boons from them.

You can later activate 1 Boon from each of the spirits, which will provide the Druid with different effects based on what was unlocked and chosen.


Druidic Spirit Offerings are not too hard to get and as long as you are out there killing enemies, you should be able to gather a large amount.

Purchasing Boons sooner is a great way to improve the performance of your Druid as these can benefit your character greatly.

Depending on your builds, certain Boons can enhance them in great ways which makes them perfect for certain Druid Builds.

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