Diablo 4 A Merciful Fate Quest Walkthrough

Varshan has finally been put to rest and Cormond is at ease but the Malignant still roams around in Sanctuary leaving you to deal with them.

You will need to head over to Cormond to find out what comes next and if there is more that needs to be done about them.

Cormond is waiting for you at his wagon, which is in Velkhova, and you will need to meet him there to talk about what is to come.

A Merciful Fate (Season 1 Quest) D4

How To Get A Merciful Fate Quest?

A Merciful Fate is the last quest of the Season of the Malignant questline and becomes available once you have completed The Cold Hard Truth Season Quest.

A Merciful Fate Objectives

1) Meet Cormond Outside of Velkhova

Meet Cormond at his Wagon Outside of Velkhova

After A Merciful Fate Season Quest, Cormond will be back at his wagon outside of Velkhova and you will need to meet him there.

2) Speak with Cormond

You will need to interact with Cormond to speak with him and he will explain that the Malignant will slowly die off on their own.

This means that even after Varshan has been put to rest, you may still find Malignant enemies, allowing you to continue capturing their Malignant Hearts.

Cormond will confess to why he had lied to you in the first place and once you have finished speaking, the quest as well as the Season of the Malignant questline will be complete.

A Merciful Fate Quest Rewards

After reaching and speaking with Cormond, the quest will be complete, and you will be rewarded with the following:

  • XP
  • Gold
  • Varshan’s Modest Effects

Varshan’s Modest Effects contains the Invoker of Varshan Recipe, which can be used to craft an Invoker that can be used to summon Varshan in Malignant Tunnels after taking a certain path.

You will also obtain Varshan’s Prayer Necklace and a Sealed Cache of Ichor from Varshan’s Modest Effects when opening it.

Additionally, completing this quest will complete the Cormond’s Ally Challenge and you will be rewarded with the Malignant, Purifier (Player Title) as well.


It seems that Varshan has been put to rest for good this time, but Cormond will always bear the burden of knowing that he had caused the Malignant to appear.

While Varshan is now out of the picture, the Malignant will eventually die off on their own, but this will take some time before Sanctuary is clear of their presence.

For now, you may continue roaming Sanctuary to slay Malignant enemies and reap the rewards for facing the tougher ones that remain.

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