Diablo 4 Ruins of the Faith Walkthrough

After you have been previously spending your time fighting off the Malignant while waiting for Cormond to finish his research, he has finally come up with something.

You were told to meet him at the Zakarum Ruins to do some investigating but it looks like Cormond may not like what he finds out.

The two of you are to meet at the Zakarum Ruins and will search for more answers and a way to save Varshan if there is still a chance.

Ruins of the Faith (Season 1 Quest) D4

How To Get Ruins of the Faith Quest?

Ruins of the Faith Season Quest begins after the completion of Hope’s Guardian, which had you clearing Malignant Tunnels and finishing Chapter 3 of the Season Journey.

Ruins of the Faith ObjectivesClear Malignant from the Den of the Blighted

1) Meet Cormond at the Zakarum Ruins

Cormond will be waiting for you at the Zaraum Ruins and you will need to head over to his location, which will be marked on your map. (Interact with him when you arrive)

2) Speak with Cormond

After interacting with Cormond, he will begin explaining what the two of you are doing in the ruins and you must continue the dialogue by answering him.

3) Follow Cormond

Cormond will lead the way and you will need to follow him but the both of you eventually stumble upon Malignant enemies.

4) Defeat the Malignant

Once the Malignant enemies appear, you will need to slay them, which includes a Malignant Elite that will drop a Malignant Heart on death.

You will need to interact with the Malignant Heart and slay the Malignant Elite once more after it has respawned before you can proceed. (It will drop a Caged Heart as well)

5) Follow Cormond

After slaying the Malignant Enemy, the two of you will continue making your way to where the entrance should be located.

6) Speak with Cormond

Interact with Cormond and he will walk to the entrance but this needs to be opened up by interacting with certain statues nearby.

7) Perform the Sign of the Light near the statue

Cormond instructs you to perform the Sign of the Light and to do this, you will need to simply interact with the statue to activate it.

8) Find the Second Statue

After the first statue has been activated, you will need to search for the second one, which can be found in the marked area nearby.

9) Perform the Sign of the Light near the statue

Once you find the second statue, you will need to interact with it, which will activate it just like with the first statue from earlier, which opens the entrance.

10) Enter Karamat’s Reach

After the entrance is opened, you will need to enter Karamat’s Reach, which is next to the statue that you first interacted with. (Marked on your map)

11) Regroup with Cormond

Upon entering Karamat’s Reach, you will be in the Chamber of Purity and will need to catch up with Cormond who has gone ahead.

12) Defeat the Vengeful Spirits

Cormond will be fighting Vengeful Spirits nearby and you will need to help him by slaying them all before you can continue.

13) Listen to Cormond

Cormond will begin to talk and you will need to wait for him to complete your dialogue before heading out to open the gate to the next room.

14) Open the gate to the next room (2)

Opening the gate to the next room

There will be two gate winches that need to be interacted with before the gate can be opened and these can be found nearby. (They will be marked on your map)

Take note that interacting with a winch will cause more enemies to appear, so be prepared to slay them along the way.

15) Search the Chamber

Now that the gate has been opened, you will need to proceed into the chamber and interact with the Superior Cage that is lying on the ground.

16) Slay the Angry Spirit

Slay the Angry Spirit

After taking the Superior Cage, an Angry Spirit will appear and attack you, which requires you to slay it before you can continue.

17) Speak with Cormond

Interact with Cormond to speak with him and you will need to tell him that Varshan still cannot be saved, which results in a bit of dialogue from him.

You will be prompted to speak with him once more, which is when you will be able to convince him that that is all that could have been done. (This ends the Season Quest)

Ruins of the Faith Quest Rewards

After slaying the Angry Spirit and speaking to Cormond, Ruins of the Faith quest will be complete and you will receive the following:

  • XP
  • Gold
  • Swamp-Stained Satchel

The Swamp-Stained Satchel will drop a Ring called The Price of Purity (Rare) and a Sealed Cache of Ichor, which drops different amounts of each type of Malignant Ichor.


You were finally able to find the Superior Cage, but sadly, it seems that Varshan will not survive the process as it still kills the host.

Left in dismay, Cormond finally was convinced that there was no hope to save Varshan or the others who he wished to cure in the first place.

It has been decided that the two of you are to go back to where it all started and put an end to Varshan’s torment once and for all.

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