Diablo 4 Malignant Tunnels Location

Malignant Tunnels Dungeon in D4

Malignant Tunnels are types of dungeons that were added in the Season of the Malignant and can be explored by players to obtain Caged Hearts and more.

These so-called tunnels are crawling with enemies that have been affected by a strange corruption, thus giving them the name Malignant.

Within these tunnels, you will be facing Malignant enemies, completing objectives, and will even have the chance to collect additional Caged Hearts.

How to find Malignant Tunnels?

Malignant Tunnels can be found on your map as they will have a green marker instead of the normal white marker when you are zoomed out.

These dungeons will be represented with the dungeon symbol with a small leaf icon on its upper right to distinguish it as a Malignant Tunnel.

During the Season Quests, you will often be heading to such dungeons and will most likely be familiar with them once you have completed the Season of the Malignant questline.

All Malignant TunnelsAll Malignant Tunnels location in D4

The following is a list of all the Malignant Tunnels that can be accessed during Season of the Malignant, which you can explore to get Caged Hearts and more rewards.

Malignant Tunnel OutgrowthsUse an Invoker on an Outgrowth

Once you have completed all the objectives in a Malignant Tunnel, you can opt to get even more rewards by heading into the next area.

This will cause you to stumble upon a room with Malignant Outgrowths and will begin an event called “Invoke the Malignant.”

You will have the option to use the specific Malignant Invoker for the area or a Wrathful Malignant Invoker if you have one to summon an enemy that will drop a Caged Heart.

The Caged Heart dropped will be the same as whichever Outgrowth you interact with, allowing you to farm certain Caged Hearts.

Echo of VarshanFighting with Echo of Varshan

Certain instances of Malignant Tunnels provide you with a chance to face a powerful boss at the end known as the Echo of Varshan.

This boss will be familiar if you have completed the Season Questline and will be a mere echo of the boss, allowing you to fight him again for rewards.

To face the Echo of Varshan and his other variants, you will need an Invoker of Varshan depending on which difficulty you are on.

How To Reset Malignant Tunnels?

You can reset Malignant Tunnels as well as the normal ones by opening your Journal Tab and selecting the Reset Dungeons option.

If this for some reason does not work, you can always head back to the character menu and log back in as this resets the whole map.


With the addition of Caged Hearts as an item that can be socketed into different types of Jewelry, these have become a valuable trend among builds.

By completing Malignant Tunnels, you can farm a lot of items including a few Caged Hearts for every run that you complete.

Each Malignant Tunnel has different objectives and Outgrowths, making some better than others depending on if you are farming specific Caged Hearts.

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