Diablo 4 Echo of Varshan (Location, How to Defeat & Strategy)

The Echo of Varshan is a boss that was added during the Season of the Malignant and can be fought in Malignant Tunnels with the use of an Invoker of Varshan.

This needs to be crafted at Cormond’s Workbench, which requires a Brutal, Vicious, and Devious Malignant Invoker along with a Demon’s Heart.

Once an Invoker of Varshan is used at the end of a Malignant Tunnel, you will be able to fight an echo of the boss known as Varshan the Consumed.

Echo of Varshan boss D4

Echo of Varshan Location

The Echo of Varshan can be summoned in Malignant Tunnels, which requires you to head to the end of the Tunnel and find a Monstrous Growth.

This can be found behind a wooden door with chains and will require that you use an Invoker of Varshan to summon him.

Echo of Varshan Fight (Attacks)

The Echo of Varshan does not move around much and has the same attacks as Varshan the Corrupted, being that he is an echo of the original.

1) Tendril Combo

The Echo of Varshan lashes at you with his tendrils, dealing consecutive damage for each hit unless you dodge or move out of the way.

2) Impaling Tendril

After a short delay, the Echo of Varshan swiftly releases a set of Tendrils that deal damage in a line in front of him.

3) Summon Malignant

The Echo of Varshan Summons Malignant enemies that will attack you, which may also be absorbed by him to gain Fortify.

4) Malignant Blasts

After charging with Malignant Corruption, the Echo of Varshan causes the marked area to explode, which can happen in different patterns.

Echo of Varshan Strategy

The key to defeating the Echo of Varshan is to stay mobile and avoid getting hit by hits attacks as much as possible during the fight.

Once he attempts to attack you with his tendrils, you can dodge behind him, and this will force him to rotate before being able to hit you again.

If he summons Malignant Enemies to aid him, you can either kill them first to deny him of the Fortify or continue attacking him to build up his stun meter.

Malignant Blasts are easy to avoid and while he is charging them, you can move out of the way and deal a bunch of free hits while he is wasting his time.

Echo of Varshan Drops

Once you have slain the Echo of Varshan, you will be able to pick up random amounts of the following resources:

  • Brutal Malignant Ichor
  • Devious Malignant Ichor
  • Vicious Malignant Ichor

Additionally, Varshan can drop around 2 to 3 different kinds of items that will have high rarities along with Gold depending on your level and the World Tier.

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