How To Get Wrathful Hearts in Diablo 4

When Season of the Malignant began, players got a hold of the new Caged Hearts that could be placed into Jewelry for certain bonuses.

There are a total of 4 types of Malignant Hearts that can be turned into Caged Hearts, which include Brutal, Devious, Vicious, and Wrathful Hearts.

Wrathful Hearts are known to be some of the rarest and are much harder to come by than the other 3 Malignant Hearts that can be found.

Caged Heart of creeping death D4

How To Get Wrathful Hearts?

1) Wrathful Overgrowth

Interacting with Wrathful Overgrowth

The guaranteed way to get a Wrathful Heart is to use a Wrathful Malignant Invoker on a Wrathful Overgrowth, which still summons a monster that drops the heart.

You will need to craft a Wrathful Malignant Invoker first though, which requires you to obtain one by opening an Uncertain Invoker. (Cache)

Once you have a Wrathful Malignant Invoker, you will be able to activate a Wrathful Growth that can be found at the end of Malignant Tunnels. (Defeat the Wrathful Malignant enemy to obtain it)

2) Uncertain Heart (Crafted Cache)

crafting the Uncertain Heart (Cache)

Another way for you to get a Wrathful Heart is by crafting the Uncertain Heart (Cache), which can be opened to provide you with a random Caged Heart.

This will give you one of the 4 different hearts, which includes a Wrathful Caged Heart if you are lucky enough as it is random all the time.

While this is not the best way to get a Wrathful Heart, it is the only other option aside from crafting an Uncertain Invoker and using it.

List of All Wrathful Hearts

The following is a list of all the Wrathful Malignant Hearts that you can get as of now as well as which classes can use them.

Wrathful Heart



Creeping Death


Increases damage over time effects by 30-40% for each Crowd Control effect on an enemy. Unstoppable Monsters/Staggered Bosses receive 110-130% increased damage from damage over time effects.

The Barber


Critical Strikes followed by continuous damage for 2-4 seconds are absorbed by your target before erupting to damage surrounding enemies. Stored damage increases by 10% per second.

The Malignant Pact


Cycles through the following bonuses every 20 kills:

  • Vicious – Increased Attack Speed
  • Devious – Core and Basic skills have a chance to restore Primary Resource
  • Brutal – Gain barrier after a certain period

Ignoring Pain


Has a chance to ignore damage and heal you instead.

The Unconstrained Beast


Chance to automatically activate grizzly rage for a short period when you are hit with a Stun, Freeze, or Knock Down effect.

The Great Feast


Minions drain Essence per second but deal increased damage. Having no minions applies a similar effect to you but drains more essence.

The Vile Apothecary


Attacks have a chance to apply Imbuement effects with a certain percentage of their normal potency.



Projectile Core Skills consume all of your Mana. Additional projectiles are launched based on the Mana consumed and deal increased damage.


Wrathful Hearts are known to be some of the most powerful ones as they are rare but your build will determine if you need them or not.

Some of the Wrathful Hearts have introduced some amazing bonuses though, which can be game-changing for certain builds.

It is best to farm the Malignant Tunnels and use what you can to craft Wrathful Malignant Invokers if you want a good chance to farm Wrathful Hearts.

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