How To Get Wrathful Malignant Invoker in Diablo 4

If you have progressed through the questline of the Season of the Malignant, you will probably be familiar with Wrathful Hearts by now.

To get these, you will need to do a bit of grinding as they can only be obtained with Wrathful Malignant Invokers.

These are similar to the other Malignant Invokers but can only be obtained by chance, making them rarer than the others.

Wrathful Malignant Invoker D4

How To Get Wrathful Malignant Invoker?Crafting Malignant Items

Wrathful Malignant Invokers can be obtained by crafting the Uncertain Invoker (Cache) which will drop a random Malignant Invoker.

This can be done at Cormond’s Workbench and will cost 40 of each Malignant Ichor, providing you with a single cache each.

Once you have crafted the Uncertain Invoker, you may use it to see what it drops, which may be a Wrathful Malignant Invoker.

How To Use Uncertain Invoker?Opening inventory to get Wrathful Malignant Invoker

Once you have an Uncertain Invoker, you can open up your inventory and use it to try your luck at getting a Wrathful Malignant Invoker.

This will cause whatever item that was inside of the cache to be dropped, which will be a randomly chosen Malignant Invoker.

How To Use Wrathful Malignant Invoker?Interacting with Wrathful Outgrowth

Wrathful Malignant Invokers are used on Wrathful Outgrowths, which can be found at the end of Malignant Tunnels that are in Sanctuary.

You will need to proceed toward the end by completing the objectives of the Malignant Tunnels and venture past the last room that you are in.

The Wrathful Outgrowth will often be with another Outgrowth and interacting with one will make the other disappear.


Wrathful Malignant Invokers are one of the more expensive items that you can craft during the Season of Malignant as it requires a lot of Malignant Ichor.

Even if you can craft a single Uncertain Invoker (Cache), the chances to get a Wrathful Malignant Invoker are slim, making it best if you craft a lot or save up for it.

You can always salvage your unwanted Caged Hearts to get Malignant Ichor or do some grinding for it so you can save up for the Uncertain Invoker to be used later on.

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