Diablo 4 Den of the Blighted (Location & Objectives) Malignant Tunnel

Introduced in the Season of the Malignant is a set of dungeons that can be explored by players known as Malignant Tunnels, one of them being Den of the Blighted.

Den of the Blighted is crawling with bandits and cultists who seem to be protecting the Malignant Corruptions within the tunnel.

Exploring Den of the Blighted will have you crossing paths with an enemy called Qhizruzes Mindbreaker, the Malignant Prophet.

Den of the Blighted Interact D4

Den of the Blighted LocationDen of the Blighted location is in the Path of Desperation

Den of the Blighted can be found in the Path of Desperation, which is near the Ruins of Rakhat Keep in the southern part of the Dismal Foothills. (Hawezar)

You can easily reach Den of the Blighted if you have unlocked the Waypoint at the Ruins of Rakhat Keep or you can make your way heading south from Weijinhani.

Den of the Blighted ObjectivesSlay Tsula Vahn, Malignant Prophet

1) Destroy the Malignant Corruption (3)

Once you enter Den of the Blighted, you will be in an area called The Muttering Dark, which is where you will need to destroy Malignant Corruptions.

The Malignant Corruptions are spread out in the dungeon and can be seen on your map when you are at a certain distance from them.

Monsters will appear to protect the Malignant Corruptions, including a Malignant Elite enemy that spawns when they are almost destroyed.

2) Slay Tsula Vahn, Malignant Prophet

After all of the Malignant Corruptions have been destroyed, you may proceed to make your way to the next area, where the Malignant Prophet will be located.

You will need to slay the Malignant Prophet, which will cause it to drop a Malignant Heart that you can interact with to get a Caged Heart.

The Malignant Proper has the following affixes:

  • Vicious
  • Poison Enchanted
  • Waller
  • Plaguebearer

3) (Optional) Capture the Malignant Heart

Upon slaying Tsula Vahn, its Malignant Heart will drop and you have the option to continue by interacting with it to summon it once more.

This will allow you to slay the Malignant Prophet once more to obtain its Caged Heart which can later be inserted into your jewelry.


The Malignant Corruptions do not pose much of a threat but it is important to watch out for the enemies that it spawn, especially the Elite Malignant ones. (They drop Malignant Hearts)

Most of the enemies consist of bandits and cultists, making Den of the Blighted another good place to farm Paletongue.

At the end of Den of the Blighted, you will encounter a Devious Outgrowth that can be interacted with using a Devious Malignant Invoker.

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