How To Get Subterranean Aspect & It’s Effects in Diablo 4

Druids have several ways to damage enemies and one of the best AOE Skills that they have is the Poison Creeper’s active skill.

Depending on your build or how you use Poison Creeper, there are a lot of advantages, especially when you have the Subterranean Aspect.

This not only causes the Poison Creeper’s active skill to poison and entangle them, but it also casts the Landslide ability in the same area.

Poison Creeper Aspect D4

Subterranean Aspect Effects (Poison Creeper Aspect)

Once the Subterranean Aspect has been imprinted on an item, this will alter the Poison Creeper’s active ability to cast Landslide around you.

The Landslide will damage enemies around you which is a nice touch to them suffering from your Poison Damage, making it good for clearing crowded places.

Additionally, Subterranean Aspect causes enemies who are poisoned to take a certain percentage of increased damage from your Earth Skills.

How To Get Subterranean Aspect?Subterranean aspect unlock D4

The Subterranean Aspect can be unlocked for the whole Season of the Malignant by completing Chapter 1 of the Season Journey.

Later on, this Aspect will only be available via extraction from a Legendary Item that has a chance to drop from enemies.

To complete Chapter 1 of the Season Journey, you will need to complete at least 7 out of the 9 objectives listed in the chapter.


The Poison Creeper is probably one of the best skills that a druid has simply because of the high amount of damage it can deal over time.

The addition of the Landslide is a good bonus when it comes to the damage deal since it affects all of the enemies within the area of the Poison Creeper’s active skill.

Druid Earth Builds can greatly benefit from this aspect as it guarantees all enemies in the area are poisoned and will cause them to take extra damage from Earth Skills.

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