Diablo 4 Chapter 1 Season Journey (Season 1)

Season Journey Chapter 1 serves as a guide that will help you complete the game during Season of the Malignant and its Season Quests.

The objectives in Season Journey Chapter 1 will help you progress with the Battle Pass and provide you with multiple rewards that you can benefit from later.

Most of the objectives available for Chapter 1 can easily be completed and should be completed to progress with the Season Quests.

Season of the Malignant Season Journey Rewards Diablo 4

Chapter 1 Season Journey Objectives

The following are the Season Journey Chapter 1 objectives that need to be completed if you wish to proceed to Chapter 2.

1) The Hangman’s Garden

Collect Gallowvine, which can be found nearly anywhere in Sanctuary until you reach a total of 15 Gallowvine collected.

Reward: Smaller Favor

2) Heart of Corruption

Collect a Malignant Heart, which will become available once you have completed or skipped the campaign during the season.

Reward: Smaller Favor

3) Den of Evil

Complete any Dungeon located on your Map.

Reward: Smaller Favor

4) Trouble in the Wilds

Complete any World Event found on your map.

Reward: Smaller Favor

5) Into the Frozen Dark

Complete 3 Dungeons located in Fractured Peaks.

Reward: Smaller Favor

6) What Lurks Below

Complete a Cellar located anywhere on your Map.

Reward: Smaller Favor

7) Kind Stranger

Complete 5 Priority or Side Quests.

Reward: Smaller Favor

8) Keeper of the Keys

Collect a Whispering Key, which can be bought at any Purveyor of Curiosities.

Reward: Smaller Favor

9) Waste Not

Salvage Normal items at the Blacksmith.

Reward: Smaller Favor

Season Journey Chapter 1 Rewards

The following are the rewards for Season Journey Chapter 1, which can be claimed after all the objectives have been completed.


Season Journey Chapter 1 is a great way for players to get a head start in the Season of the Malignant and features some of the new Aspects introduced during the season.

All of these can be completed in a day and are usually done as players explore Sanctuary and go about the first few Season Quests.

Not only do you get some of the new Aspects from Season of the Malignant, but you also get a good amount of Favor to help you progress with your Battle Pass.

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