How To Get Aspect of Ancestral Charge & It’s Effects in Diablo 4

Barbarians can burst into battle whenever they please with the Charge skill, which allows them to quickly close in on an enemy to deal a powerful blow.

One of the best ways to improve this skill is to make use of the Aspect of Ancestral Charge, giving you the ability to deal more damage and hit more enemies.

With the Aspect of Ancestral Charge, this becomes modified to include the Ancients charging alongside them when they use the Charge skill.

Ancients charging D4

Aspect of Ancestral Charge Effects (Charge Aspect)

The Aspect of Ancestral Charge can be imprinted on one of your items, allowing you to summon Ancients who will charge with you in the same direction.

Ancients who charge with you will deal a certain percentage of the normal damage and may hit more enemies depending on their position.

This can be a big help when you are pushing certain enemies out of the way or want to deal more damage with Charge to a certain group

How To Get Aspect of Ancestral Charge?Aspect of Ancestral Charge Unlock D4

You may obtain the Aspect of Ancestral Charge during the Season of the Malignant by completing Chapter 1 of the Season Journey.

This will unlock the Aspect until the end of the Season of the Malignant and afterwards, you will only be able to obtain it from Legendary Items.

You can extract the Aspect of Ancestral Charge from Legendary Items via the Occultist and use it for imprinting on another item later.


Charge is a great way to get in and out of battle and deal a good amount of damage along the way but with the Aspect of Ancestral Charge in play, you can do wonders.

Each of the Ancients that charge alongside you can deal damage and this is based on the damage you deal, making it good for fighting multiple enemies together.

The Aspect of Ancestral Charge will always cause you to summon 4 Ancients and with this imprinted on a 2-handed weapon, they will deal double the amount of damage.

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