How To Get Aspect of Pestilent Points & It’s Effects in Diablo 4

Fighting with the Thorn Beast in D4

Rogues are masters of certain elements and one of the elements they can make use of is poison but this doesn’t always have to be imbued to be used.

The Aspect of Pestilent Points gives Rogues the ability to poison their enemies simply by using a certain Basic Skill of theirs.

Those who are fond of attacking from a distance with the Rogue’s Puncture Skill may now poison enemies easily with basic attacks.

Aspect of Pestilent Points Effects (Puncture Aspect)

When the Aspect of Pestilent Points is imprinted on one of your items, it alters the thrown projectiles to become imbued with poison on every 3rd cast of the skill.

This also affects any skill upgrades that you have purchased such as the Primary Puncture and Fundamental Puncture upgrades.

With the ability to freely poison enemies by simply hitting them, a lot of Rogue builds may be altered since some elements are more useful when mixed.

How To Get Aspect of Pestilent Points?Aspect of Pestilent Points Unlock

The Aspect of Pestilent Points becomes available in your Codex once you have completed Chapter 1 of the Season Journey.

This becomes available for the rest of the Season of the Malignant but will later be unavailable in the Codex once the season is over.

To get it after the season has ended, you will have to extract the Aspect from a Legendary Item that has it.


The Aspect of Pestilent Points is a great way to deal additional damage over time and it works well when used alongside other imbuements.

Since this causes Puncture to poison enemies, this also applies to the projectile when it ricochets or when it splits and hits enemies.

Probably one of the best Aspects for Rogue Puncture Builds, the Aspect of Pestilence can make a huge difference depending on what you use it with.

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