Diablo 4 Ravening Pit (Location & Objectives) Malignant Tunnel

The Ravening Pit is a Malignant Tunnel that is swarming with bandits, which you can explore to obtain Caged Hearts.

This dungeon was added during the Season of the Malignant and players can grind this to obtain certain rewards with each run.

For some reason, the Bandits within have been changed and are protecting a Malignant Corruption hidden within the tunnel.

Ravening Pit Interact D4

Ravening Pit LocationRavening Pit Malignant Tunnel is located in Desolation’s Reach

The Ravening Pit is located in Desolation’s Reach, an area found in the Untamed Scarps Near Jirandai and the Hidden Overlook. (Dry Steppes)

You can reach the Ravening Pit quickly by heading northeast from Jirandai or going southwest from The Hidden Overlook Waypoints.

Ravening Pit ObjectivesDestroying the Malignant Corruption

1) Slay the Malignant Berserkers (2)

Aside from the many bandits found in the Howling Throat (First area in Ravenign Pit), you will encounter 2 Malignant Berserkers.

These Malignant Enemies need to be defeated before you can make your way to the Malignant Corruption further within the tunnel.

You will need to search for each of the Malignant Berserkers as they will be scattered within the area and slay both of them. 

2) Destroy the Malignant Corruption

After you have slain the 2 Malignant Berserkers, you will need to keep exploring the dungeon until you reach The Rotting Bowels.

You will find a Malignant Corruption and will need to destroy it but be wary, there will be Malignant monsters that will spawn to defend it.


The Ravening Pit is one of the fastest Malignant Tunnels that you can complete since there is no special enemy at the end that needs to be defeated. (You just destroy a Malignant Corruption)

A Brutal Malignant Invoker is required to interact with the Brutal Outgrowth in the area beyond where you destroy the Malignant Corruption.

The Malignant Corruption may have a lot of health but it can easily be destroyed as long as you keep at it with your different skills. (Watch out for the Elite that spawns when its health is low)

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