Diablo 4 Hope’s Guardian Walkthrough

After returning with all the items that Cormond requested you to retrieve, he is currently taking time to study them, leaving you free to fight the Malignant.

While Cormond is busy, you will need to fend off the Malignant until he has news for you since their numbers are increasing.

Certain areas need to be cleared up and some progress needs to be made before you and Cormond can carry out his plans.

Hope’s Guardian (Season 1) quest d4

How To Get Hope’s Guardian Quest?

Hope’s Guardian Quest becomes available after you have completed a quest called A Prayer for Salvation, which previously had you searching for the items Cormond needed.

Hope’s Guardian Quest Objectives

1) Clear Malignant from the Fissure of Malice

One of the Malignant Tunnels that needs to be completed is the Fissure of Malice, which you can find in The Pallid Gale in the Fractured Peaks.

Clear Malignant from the Den of the Blighted

2) Clear Malignant from the Den of the Blighted

The next Malignant Tunnel that needs to be cleared is the Den of the Blighted, which can be found in the Dismal Foothills in Hawezar.

3) Complete Chapter 3 of the Season Journey

After clearing the Malignant Tunnels, you will need to proceed by completing Chapter 3 of the Season Journey, which requires you to complete at least 10 out of 13 objectives.

The following are the objectives available for Chapter 3:

  • Shards of the Fiends – Collect 5 Scattered Prisms
  • Risk and Reward – Buy 5 items from Purveyor of Curiosities
  • Champion of the Lost – Conquer 5 Strongholds
  • Touching the Eternal – Unlock 4 Aspects by completing Dungeons
  • A Master at Work – Complete 5 World Events
  • Hunter’s Whisper – Complete 10 Whispers
  • Wonders Distilled – Craft 5 Elixirs
  • Transfer of Power – Imprint an Aspect
  • Grim Reward – Obtain 1- Caches from the Tree of Whispers
  • Corruption Cleansed – Complete 5 Malignant Tunnels
  • Exceptional Potency – Upgrade your potion to Moderate Healing Potion
  • Steel from Iron – Upgrade 2 items to Level 2
  • Purging the Plague – Use Wrathful Malignant
  • Invoker in a Malignant Tunnel

4) Check in with Cormond

Once you have completed Chapter 3 of the Season Journey, you will need to head back to Cormond and speak with him.

Hope’s Guardian Quest Rewards

After returning to Cormond to check in on him, the quest will be complete, and you will receive XP and Gold as a reward.

This will begin the Ruins of the Faith Season Quest immediately, which sets you out to meet Cormond at the Zakarum Ruins.


The Malignant are growing by the day and even though you have made some effort to put them out, the cure is the key to stopping them entirely.

Cormond has had enough time to figure out that Cages of Binding came from a hidden outpost that was sealed long ago.

He has instructed you to meet him at the Zakarum Ruins, which is where the two of you will search for answers next.

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