Diablo 4 Burning from Within Quest Walkthrough

Starting the Season of the Malignant, you are met with this seasonal quest which begins with a man named Vyrtan in urgent need of your attention.

It seems that Vyrtan has seen something horrifying as a person’s skin has burst, transforming them into a demon.

You will need to head to the location that Vyrtan has mentioned and see for yourself what kind of demon this man is talking about.

Burning from Within Quest (Season of the Malignant)

How To Get Burning from Within Quest?

Burning From Within Seasonal Quest will start once you have completed the campaign, which results in you needing to speak to Vyrtan in Kyovashad.

Vyrtan can be found near the waypoint and will be marked by a Seasonal Quest marker to make him easy to find on the map.

Burning from Within ObjectivesLook for survivors on the road

1) Speak with Vyrtan

Once the quest is active, head over to Vyrtan and speak with him to find out what he has seen, which is the new type of demon.

2) Look for survivors on the road

Vyrtan will point you in the direction where he saw the demon, which will be a large area marked on your map where you are supposed to locate survivors.

You will need to search the area and once you reach the upper part of the marked area, you will run into a man named Cormond, who is being chased by a monster.

3) Enter the Forest Clearing

Cormond will run into a nearby dungeon called the Forest Clearing and you will need to pursue him and the monster that is chasing him by going inside.

4) Search the Forest Clearing

Once you enter the Forest Clearing, you will need to proceed further until you find the Strange Demon that was chasing Cormond.

Slay the Strange Demon

5) Slay the Strange Demon

As you approach them, the Strange Demon will attack you, which requires that you slay it, and once it is dead a strange object known as a Malignant Heart will drop.

6) Inspect the Malignant Heart

You will need to interact with the Malignant Heart, which causes it to burst and loot will drop in the area where it once was.

7) Speak with Cormond at the Wagon

Cormond will be afraid at first but realizes you are not a threat and will tell you to meet him near his wagon outside of the Forest Clearing.

You will need to exit the Forest Clearing and head to Cormond to speak with him, which will be just outside of the dungeon.

8) Speak with Cormond

While speaking with Cormond, he will talk about the new type of demon and you will need to continue the dialogue by selecting the first line. (How can we stop what can’t be killed?”

9) Take a Bag of Cages from Cormond’s Chest

Cormond will explain that he wants to cure them and instructs you to obtain a Bag of Cages from his chest, which you can do by interacting with it. (Pick up the dropped Bag of Cages)

10) Return to Cormond with cages

Now that you have picked up the Bag of Cages, head back to Cormond to speak with him and he will explain what the cages are.

He explains that these will allow you to capture Malignant Hearts and will stop them from spreading before leaving for the Orbei Monastery.

Burning from Within Quest Rewards

After speaking to Cormond about the Cage of Bindings, he will ask you to meet him at the Orbei Monastery and the quest will be complete, rewarding you with the following:

  • XP
  • Gold
  • Cage-Torn Bag


It seems that Lilith’s corruption still exists within Sanctuary and from it, a new kind of evil known as the Malignant now walks the land.

Cormond has an idea about the monsters that are increasing and thinks that he may have a way to put a stop to all of this.

You will need to see what he has planned after his research and meet him at the Orbei Monastery to help him see it through.

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