Diablo 4 Season 1 Reset Information

Players heard the news of some changes to Diablo 4 when its first season would come out, which is Season of the Malignant.

To play and enjoy the features of this season, players will need to create a new character, thus giving the feeling of the game being reset.

This may seem familiar for gamers who have played Path of Exile and other games with seasonal resets, but the experience and rewards are something to look out for.

Diablo 4 Season 1 Info

What Happens When You Make a New Character?

Just like you were playing the game for the first time, you will be experiencing everything from the start as this reset everything for the season.

New characters will be placed in the Seasonal Realm while other characters will remain in the Eternal Realm and will not be able to enjoy the new additions of the season.

Take note, the reset that happens is only active for seasonal characters and your eternal ones will still retain all their progress.

Should I Skip Campaign?

Since, Season of the Malignant offers you a whole new experience in some manner, most players will tend to skip the campaign and jump straight into the Seasonal Quest.

This will allow you to take on the Seasonal Quest and experience Seasonal of the Malignant at level 1, allowing you to easily progress and learn everything.

Skipping the campaign is for players who want to opt out of the campaign but there will still be plenty of side quests for you to boost our experience.

Season of the MalignantSeason of the Malignant Detailed Info

Season of the Malignant Reset is something worth making a new character for as thing brings a whole new experience that players can balance altogether.

New features in Season of the Malignant include the following:

  • New Questline
  • New Boss
  • 32 New Malignant Powers
  • New Season Journey (7 Chapters of Challenges)
  • 7 New Legendary Aspects
  • 6 New Unique Items
  • New Cosmetics

What Happens After Season of the Malignant?

Once Season of the Malignant has ended, your character will be moved to the Eternal Realm, allowing you to continue whatever progress you have there.

This will also return to your main progress until another season arrives, which requires you to make a new character once more to start.

This is most likely to ensure that even after the season ends, you may still get to play with your character and catch up with other things that you have missed.

How To Start Season Quest?

The Season Quest starts right after you have completed the campaign, which makes it better if you skip the campaign when making a new character.

You will be starting with the Burning From Within Season Quest, which begins as soon as you pop into Kyovashad as an NPC named Vyrtan will call for your help.

This leads you to a whole new adventure and you can enjoy it straight away from level 1 instead of going through the campaign all over again before experiencing it.


It may seem like a bummer having to start all over again, especially when you are back to level 1 but it is still fun once you progress further into the season.

Season Quests are a great way to enjoy a whole new experience and once you start to delve into things, you won’t feel that bummed out about it.

Season of Malignant offers new features that can really make the game feel different and starting a new character is just a mere steppingstone.

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