Diablo 4 Answers in the Ashes Quest Walkthrough

Just after you have completed the Season Journey Chapters 1 and 2, you continue taking your part in fighting back against the Malignant.

You will need to head to Cormond’s Wagon to ask him what needs to be done next so that the both of you can work together.

As you reach Cormond’s Wagon though, it seems he is not around but there is a note that seems to have been left for you to follow his tracks.

Answers in the Ashes (Season 1) quest D4

How To Get Answers in the Ashes Quest?

Answers in the Ashes become available right after you have completed A Plague of Hatred, which had you exploring the Ravening Pit.

Answers in the Ashes ObjectivesRead Note from Cormond

1) Investigate Cormond’s Wagon

Once the quest begins, you will need to make your way to Cormond’s Wagon to search for him and will find a note at his wagon near the Stash.

2) Read Note from Cormond

You will need to interact with the note that he has left for you, which tells you that he has found something in the courtyard of Orbei and wants you to meet him there.

3) Find Cormond at the Orbei Monastery

After reading the note, go to the Orbei Monastery (marked on your map) and approach Cormond in the courtyard.

4) Speak to Cormond

Speak with Cormond and he will tell you that he has discovered a hall of records, which should include documentation of the Cages of Binding.

5) Find the Crypts of Orbei

Now that you and Cormond have reunited, it’s time for the two of you to enter the Crypts of Orbei (Dungeon) which is located in the Orbei Monastery.

6) Bring Cormond to the Sealed Door

You will have to explore the Crypts of Orbei and lead Cormond to a Sealed Door and upon arriving, he will begin opening it.

7) Defeat the Skeleton Ambush

Defeating the Skeleton Ambush

Cormond will begin channeling his power to unlock the Sealed Door but Skeletons will appear to ambush the two of you.

The Skeleton Ambush will need to be defeated before you and Cormond can proceed, which allows him to open the Sealed Door.

8) Find the Records Room with Cormond

With the Sealed Door now opened, you and Cormond are to continue making your way to find the Record Room.

9) Search the Records Room

Arriving at the Records Room, you will need to search all 3 marked objects to look for clues as instructed by Cormond.

There will be Faded Entries in the area marked on your map which will be 2 Bookcases and 1 Pile of Books that you need to interact with.

10) Talk to Cormond

After interacting with all 3 objects, you will need to head back to Cormond to speak with him, which causes something evil to appear.

11) Defeat Varshan the Consumed

Defeating Varshan the Consumed

A Malignant Boss named Varshan the Consumed will appear, which causes Cormond to run away as if he was familiar with the entity.

You will need to fight and defeat Varshan the Consumed before you can meet up with Cormond, who seems to have run in a heartbeat.

Varshan will attack you with his appendages and may often cause areas to explode after marking them, making his attacks easy to avoid.

12) Capture the Malignant Heart

Varshan the Consumed will drop a Malignant Heart when defeated but this one has a whitish glow and you will need to interact with it.

13) Find Cormond outside the Crypts of Orbei

The Malignant Heart will seem to have disappeared and your next step will be to find Cormond, who is outside the dungeon.

14) Speak to Cormond

Once you speak with Cormond, he will explain that he knew Varshan and will talk about the past, which explains how the two have been connected.

Varshan also explains that Varshan is the source of the Malignant and apologizes for not telling you everything sooner.

Answers in the Ashes Quest Rewards

After Cormond confesses about Varshan, the Season Quest will be complete and you will be rewarded with the following:

  • XP
  • Gold
  • Velvet Reliquary Cover

The Velvet Reliquary Cover appears to drop loot that includes various Malignant Ichor when you use it.


It looks like Varshan had been corrupted a long time ago and Cormond had mentioned that this is where the Malignant began.

He has mentioned that a better cage will be needed to remove Varshan’s corruption, which may cure him and the rest of the Malignant.

With all that said, Cormond will now make his way to Hawezar and hopes that you will meet him there despite everything that has happened. 

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