ARK: How to Get Green Gem

ARK Green Gems

With the addition of Aberration to the different maps in Ark, a lot of new items were introduced, some of them tied to Green Gems.

Green Gems are crystal-like resources that can be found in different places, mainly in Aberration but also on other downloadable maps.

Players who wish to create certain utility items such as a Climbing Pick, Glowstick, or Roll Rat Saddle will need an abundant supply of Green Gems.

How to Farm Green Gems?

Green Gems can be obtained by collecting them when Roll Rats burrow or when there are quakes in Aberration.

You may also find formations of Green Gems scattered around the Aberration Map, which can be mined with a pick (Metal Pick suggested) or creatures that can break the formations.

There are nests in Crook’s Canyon (Crystal Isles) which can be farmed, but there are also formations around the map that can be mined.

Best Way to Farm Crystal Gem

The best way to farm Crystal Gems is to mine the formations in Aberration and other maps with them as these will respawn and can easily be farmed again.

Using an Ankylosaurus is one of the best ways to get Crystal Gems as they can easily break the formations but the Mining Drill is considered to be excellent as well.

In Genesis Part 2, you can mine Green Gems when the obsidian asteroids are in effect, obtaining them when you farm the Obsidian nodes.

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Green Gem Uses

Green Gems are mainly used to craft Aberration items but even the Tek Phase Pistol from Genesis Part 2.

In modded servers, Green Gems may have other uses depending on the mods which mostly use them for crafting mod items.

The items you can craft with Green Gems include:


  • Tek Phase Pistol


  • Climbing Pick
  • Glow Stick




Green Gems are not that hard to farm if you remember where the farming spots are or how to get them in specific maps.

Crystal Isle is one of the best places to farm Green Gems due to its abundance in all of the gems and it has different methods to obtain them.

One of the most important items which are useful in almost any map is the Climbing Pick, which makes it necessary to have enough Green Gems to craft as well as repair it.

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