ARK: How to Get Fragmented Green Gem

ARK Fragmented Green Gem

The Fragmented Green Gem is a resource that came out when the Extinction map arrived and holds an extremely close similarity to the regular Green Gem.

Fragmented Green Gems are required to craft certain Items which came out during Aberration, however, not all Aberration items can be crafted with this resource.

Some resources can only be crafted with the Green Gem, as the Fragmented Green Gem is limited to only a few Aberration items.

How to Farm Fragmented Green Gem?

To get Fragmented Green Gems, you simply need to head to Sanctuary (the Great City) and search for the blue crystal formations scattered around.

Mining the blue crystal formations will provide you with Green Gems along with other resources that are mined.

Using a tool such as a Pick will work, while creatures such as the Ankylosaurus are capable of breaking and farming them.

Best Way to Farm Fragmented Green Gem

You can easily get a lot of Fragmented Green Gems by using the Mining Drill, as this tool collects a large number of resources and allows you to carry them at a reduced weight.

An Ankylosaurus also works well since it is capable of breaking rocks and crystals, which makes it perfect for mining the blue crystal formations.

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Fragmented Green Gem Uses

Fragmented Green Gems have the same use as Green Gems but not everything craftable with Green Gems may be crafted with this resource.

Fragmented Green Gems may also be used as a substitute for Green Gems when crafting Element, providing players with an easy source if they can collect all resources needed.

The following may be crafted with Fragmented Green Gems:


  • Tek Phase Pistol


  • Glow Stick



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The only downside of Fragmented Green Gems is that you cannot craft or repair Climbing Picks with them, limiting their uses.

One of the main uses for Fragmented Green Gems involves crafting Element, along with other required resources.

Since there are not many ways to obtain Green Gems, especially on Extinction, farming Fragmented Green Gems is useful for crafted a few of the Aberration items.

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