ARK: How to Make Charge Battery

ARK Charge Battery

Charge Batteries are one of the items (considered to be resources) which have multiple uses aside from being a source of light.

You can use Charge Batteries as a way to power certain items or structures such as the Charge Lantern, Auto Turrets, and more.

Now and then, players can make use of these Charge Batteries as an additional power source while some use them as a way to weaken certain creatures.

How to Craft Charge Battery?

A Charge Battery may be crafted once you have reached Level 71 and have also unlocked the Glow Stick Engram.

You can craft the Charge Battery within a Smithy, Tek Replicator or within the inventory of specific creatures with saddles.

Creatures that allow you to craft Charge Batteries in their inventory include Argentavis, Castoroides, and Thorny Dragon.

Charge Battery Uses

Charged Batteries are used to power certain structures or items to which the player has access, such as Air Conditioners, Auto Turrets, Charge Lanterns, and more.

These batteries can be used to power the Charge Lantern, which is needed to weaken certain wild creatures from Aberration.

It is also possible to craft Element using a Charge Battery, which can be done by crafting it within the inventory of a Charge Node.

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How To Charge A Charge Battery?

The Charge Battery can be placed into a Charge Node or City Terminal to recharge it up to 500 units, but there are also other ways to charge it.

Placing a Charge Battery within the inventory of a Tek Stryder will also charge it up to its maximum capacity, 500 units.

Players can Recharge a Charge Battery by interacting with Glowbugs, but these are not common on all maps.


A Charge Battery may require you to gain a ton of levels, but once you have it, there will be more than you can do, especially on maps where you need portable sources of power.

Certain maps such as Crystal Isle and Aberration allow players to craft Element by collecting a set of resources and bringing them to a Charge Node.

To combat certain enemies from Aberration, players may use a Charge Light to power a Charge Lantern to weaken the creatures.

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