ARK: How to Get Condensed Gas

ARK Condensed Gas

Condensed Gas is a resource that can only be found in Extinction, Genesis Part 1, and Genesis Part 2 and should not be confused with Oil or Gasoline.

It may appear to look like Oil or sound like Gasoline but it is a completely different resource altogether, mainly meant for making Congealed Gas Balls.

These resources can only be found in a few locations on Extinction and are rarely found in both Genesis maps.

How to Farm Condensed Gas

In Extinction, you can farm Condensed Gas from the Sulfur Rocks (yellowish rocks) but should be careful as the water is steaming hot and there are Spinos everywhere.

Harvesting using a Metal Hatchet will allow you to get a good amount, since using a Pick will get you other resources such as Sulfur.

You will need to use methods that are used to harvest Stone, as Condensed Gas is part of that resource table.

Best Way To Farm Condensed Gas

The best way to farm Condensed Gas is to use a Hatchet or Mining Drill, but there are also good choices for tamed creatures.

Some of the best creatures to farm Condensed Gas are the Doedicurus and even a Rock Elemental, as it also can harvest such resources.

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Condensed Gas Uses

Similar to resources such as Metal, Condensed Gas is useless unless you process it, which can be done in either a Refining Forge or an Industrial Forge.

When Condensed Gas is processed, it becomes a Congealed Gas Ball, which is required to craft certain items such as the Hazard Set, Aberration tools, and the Tek Railgun.


Condensed Gas is not that hard to obtain as long as you have transportation that you can use to reach the Sulfur Fields.

On Extinction, Condensed Gas is the only way you can get Congealed Gas Balls, unlike in Aberration where the method is using a Gas Collector.

Farming a lot of Condensed Gas can come in handy later as the Congealed Gas Balls are useful for making many Aberration items to use on Extinction and other maps.

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