ARK: How to Get Blue Gems

ARK Blue Gems

Blue Gems were first introduced when Aberration came out and was available mainly in that map only, but as other maps came out this resource became more obtainable.

These blue crystal-like resources are mainly required for crafting certain Aberration items, such as the Hazard Suit set, which is important for surviving hazardous locations.

While Blue Gems may be rare, they do share similarities with Blue Crystalized Sap, but depending on what map you are on, one is always easier to get than the other.

How to Farm Blue Gem?

Blue Gems often drop in Aberration for two reasons, which is when a Roll Rat starts to burrow (they will attack if you pick it up) or when there are earthquakes on the map.

There are also Blue Gem formations that can be found in the Luminous Marshlands, which are located within the Aberration or the Aberration Cave in Valguero.

Best Way To Farm Blue Gems

Blue Gem formations may be harvested with mining tools, preferably a Pick or a Mining Drill, although, tamed creatures work well too.

One of the best ways to farm Blue Gem is to use an Ankylosaurus as they are perfect for mining pretty much any kind of rock or crystal in Ark.

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Blue Gem Uses

As shiny and pretty as they seem, they are not for display, and instead, you need Blue Gems to craft certain items from Aberration as well as Genesis Part 2.

Blue Gem can be substituted with Blue Crystalized Sap, which also has the same item crafting recipes with this resource.

The following can be crafted with Blue Gem:


  • Tek Phase Pistol


  • Pliers


  • Hazard Suit Boots
  • Hazard Suit Gloves
  • Hazard Suit Hat
  • Hazard Suit Pants
  • Hazard Suit Shirt



  • Metal Cliff Platform


  • Glider Suit Skin
  • Zip-Line Motor Attachment Skin


One of the most important uses for Blue Gem is for making the Hazard Suit set, as players need this when exploring certain parts in Aberration.

Blue Gems are sometimes required in other maps due to the need for making certain Aberration items that can be useful on any map.

When farming Blue Gems, it’s best to have a tamed creature to carry them as well as to protect you just in case things get dangerous.

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