ARK: How to Get Red Gem

ARK Red Gems

Red Gems are one of the three different gems that are found in Ark, the others being Blue Gems or Green Gems.

Just like their other gems which became available when Aberration came out, these crimson-colored resources are used for crafting certain items.

One of the most important uses for Red Gems is to craft the Gas Collector, which allows players to farm Congealed Gas Balls.

How to Farm Red Gem?

Red Gems can be obtained similarly to the others gems, by picking them up after a Roll Rat has burrowed or after the quakes occur in Aberration.

It is also possible to find red or purple crystal formations which can be mined for Red Gems using tools or tamed creatures that can mine.

Red Gems may also be found in Valguero (Aberration Zone), Genesis Part 1 as well as in the Crystal Isles, each with different farming methods.

Best Way to Farm Red Gems

One of the best ways to farm Red Gems would be to use a Mining Drill on the different formations (red or purple) to mine a large amount of the resource.

Using an Ankylosaurus will allow you to farm the different crystalline formations in Aberration as well in other maps aside from in Aberration.

Crystal Isles is full of different formations which can be mined and there is also a location called Crook’s Canyon which has a lot of nests from which you can harvest gems from.

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Red Gem Uses

Red Gems are used mainly for crafting some of the items that came along with Aberration as well as the Tek Phase Pistol from Genesis Part 2.

The Charge Lantern and Gas Collector are some of the very important items you need to craft, especially if you are playing on Aberration.

Along with other gems and resources, Red Gems can be used to craft Element, providing players with an easier way to obtain a lot if they farm for it.

The following may be crafted using Red Gems:


  • Tek Phase Pistol
  • Tek Railgun


  • Charge Lantern



  • Gas Collector


Red Gems are important in Aberration as well as other maps since you will need them for Charge Lanterns to weaken Aberration creatures and Gas Collectors for Congealed Gas Balls.

Most of the time when farming with common methods, you will get a random assortment of gems, but there are certain ways to get Red Gems such as farming the red or purple gem formations.

The Tek Phase Pistol and Tek Railgun can prove to be useful weapons but before crafting them, you will need to stock up on Red Gems.

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