ARK: How to Get Blue Crystalized Sap

ARK Blue Crystalized Sap

Blue Crystalized Sap is resource that is commonly found in Extinction and only exist in there, unavailable to be found in other maps.

This has a close resemblance to and appearance to a Blue Gem, which is shares common crafting recipes with Blue Crystalized Sap.

Players will mostly need this resource when it comes to crafting certain items which are mainly available in Aberration and Genesis 2.

How to Farm Crystalized Sap?

You can harvest Blue Crystalized Sap by farming the Fungal Trees which are found in the Wasteland, which surrounds the Great City.

Fungal Trees appear as trees with white leaves and can be harvested with normal tools and creatures just like you would when farming Wood.

Best Way to Farm Blue Crystalized Sap

The best way to farm Blue Crystalized Sap would be to use a tamed creature that excels in harvesting trees, which includes Therizinosaur, Castoroides, and Mammoths.

One of the alternative best ways to farm Blue Crystalized Sap is to use a Mining Drill, as this can hold a lot of resources and usually collects a decent amount of anything.

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Blue Crystallized Sap Uses

This resource is meant to be a substitute for Blue Gems, as none can be farmed on Extinction, making Blue Crystalized Sap the only way to craft certain items.

The following can be crafted with Blue Crystalized Sap:


  • Tek Phase Pistol


  • Pliers


  • Hazard Suit Boots
  • Hazard Suit Gloves
  • Hazard Suit Hat
  • Hazard Suit Pants
  • Hazard Suit Shirt



  • Metal Cliff Platform


  • Glider Suit Skin
  • Zip-Line Motor Attachment Skin


While not all Aberration items are needed in Extinction, there are certain benefits of having some of them ready as well as keeping a stock of Blue Crystalized Sap.

Since not all maps have Blue Gems or Blue Crystalized Sap, you can keep a good stock of it in the Extinction map for when needed later on.

Several trees are surrounding the Great City, making Blue Crystalized Sap easy to farm as long as you have the means to gather it.

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