ARK: How to Get Red Crystalized Sap

ARK Red Crystalized Sap

When Extinction was introduced to Ark, some resources from Aberration, such as Red Gems were unavailable.

As a substitute, Red Crystalized Sap is obtainable on Extinction and can be farmed on the said map when players need to craft certain Aberration items.

Much like the other replacements for gems that can be found on Extinction, Red Crystalized Sap can be harvested from a specific tree with red leaves, the Blood-Ridden Tree.

How to Farm Red Crystalized Sap?

Crystalized Sap can be harvested as you farm the trees with red leaves, proving you with wood, that as well as the Red Crystalized Sap.

It is ideal to bring tools or creatures that are capable of harvesting wood, which better increases the farmed resources.

Aside from using a creature for farming, you should make sure the creature can also carry a good amount and may even protect you from predators.

Best Way To Farm Red Crystalized Sap

This usually comes as a bonus from farming wood, which makes the best way to farm Red Crystalized Sap involve better tools such as the Mining Drill.

In case you do not have the means to craft a Mining Drill, a Chainsaw also does the trick but you should watch out for enemies as you can easily get encumbered.

A Therizinosaur or Castoroides make good picks as they excel at farming wood and can speed up your farming progress.

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Red Crystalized Sap Uses

Red Crystalized Sap has the same purpose as Red Gems, and the two can be substituted for one another, allowing players to craft Aberration items on Extinction.

Just like with Red Gems, Red Crystalized Sap may be used as a resource when crafting Element in a Charge Node.

The following are the items that you may craft with Red Crystalized Sap:


  • Tek Phase Pistol
  • Tek Railgun


  • Charge Lantern



  • Gas Collector


Extinction had a lot of resources that were not easy to get, Red Crystalized Sap however was a lot easier to obtain than expected.

Players will need Red Crystalized Sap if they wish to craft Aberration items on Extinction, or else, they will need to travel to another map to get Red Gems.

Having access to a lot of Red Crystalized Sap can be helpful when you need to make use of the Aberration items on Extinction.

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