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ARK Stone

Stone is a common resource that you will always encounter when you first start in Ark, and you must start crafting your first set of tools.

Later on, you will need Stone for not only building different structures but for crafting a lot more items that you will need for later on.

It’s a good thing that there is plenty of Stone in all of the maps in Ark, but for those who wish to farm Stone efficiently, more effort and better methods are needed.

How to Farm Stone?

Stone can be picked up from the ground or mined by attacking boulders, metal nodes, obsidian nodes, crystals, and more.

A Hatchet will harvest more Stone over any other resources contained within the node, but later on, using a creature or other better mining methods can be more efficient.

The larger the rocks you farm, the more Stone you are likely to get, and it’s best to return to locations where a lot will respawn.

Best Way To Farm Stone

The best way to farm Stone is to use a Doedicurus, as these are the best creatures for harvesting Stone amongst other creatures.

If a Doedicurus were to attack other mineral nodes such as metal, crystal, or obsidian, the resources collected would be modified to get more stone.

Aside from using a Doedicurus, you can harvest a lot of Stone using a Mining Drill or an Excavation Rig on a Stryder.

The Mining Drill is one of the best tools you can use since it reduces the weight of resources as well as allows you to collect them almost instantly.

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Stone Uses

Stone is mainly used for crafting early game structures and later on can be used for other items that players need in the game.

One of the most important uses for Stone is to combine it with Flint in order to make Sparkpowder, which has many uses such as being a requirement for Gunpowder.

Stone can be used to craft the following:


  • Bola
  • Grenade


  • Boulder


  • Stone Pick
  • Torch


  • Doedicurus Saddle
  • Equus Saddle


  • Ballista Turret
  • Behemoth Reinforced Dinosaur Gate
  • Behemoth Stone Dinosaur Gateway
  • Campfire
  • Catapult Turret
  • Cooking Pot
  • Dinosaur Gateway
  • Giant Reinforced Trapdoor
  • Giant Stone Hatchframe
  • Gravestone
  • Large Crop Plot
  • Large Stone Wall
  • Large Taxidermy Base
  • Medium Crop Plot
  • Medium Taxidermy Base
  • Mortar and Pestle
  • Preserving Bin
  • Refining Forge
  • Reinforced Dinosaur Gate
  • Reinforced Double Door
  • Reinforced Trapdoor
  • Reinforced Window
  • Reinforced Wooden Door
  • Sloped Stone Roof
  • Sloped Stone Wall Left
  • Sloped Stone Wall Right
  • Small Crop Plot
  • Small Taxidermy Base
  • Smithy
  • Standing Torch
  • Stone Ceiling
  • Stone Cliff Platform
  • Stone Dinosaur Gateway
  • Stone Doorframe
  • Stone Double Doorframe
  • Stone Fence Foundation
  • Stone Fence Support
  • Stone Fireplace
  • Stone Foundation
  • Stone Hatchframe
  • Stone Irrigation Pipe – Flexible
  • Stone Irrigation Pipe – Inclined
  • Stone Irrigation Pipe – Intake
  • Stone Irrigation Pipe – Intersection
  • Stone Irrigation Pipe – Straight
  • Stone Irrigation Pipe – Tap
  • Stone Irrigation Pipe – Vertical
  • Stone Pillar
  • Stone Railing
  • Stone Staircase
  • Stone Stairs
  • Stone Triangle Ceiling
  • Stone Triangle Foundation
  • Stone Triangle Roof
  • Stone Wall
  • Stone Windowframe
  • Toilet
  • Wall Torch
  • Water Reservoir
  • Water Well


  • Cementing Paste
  • Sparkpowder


  • Scope Attachment


Stone is a very easy resource to obtain and you can simply pick up dozens of them by running around and picking them up from the ground.

Once you have the means to farm a large amount of Stone, you will have a better supply for when you need to craft Sparkpowder or Cementing Paste.

An efficient way to farm Stone is to use a Mining Drill once you have the technology to make it, as this will allow you to farm efficiently.

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