ARK: How to Get Congealed Gas Ball

ARK Congealed Gas Ball

Congealed Gas Ball is a resource that was first introduced when Aberration came out, and was originally obtainable in one particular way.

When Extinction came out, Congealed Gas Ball became more common and now it can be easily obtained on the Crystal Isles, Genesis Part 1 and Part 2.

Congealed Gas Balls are mainly used for crafting certain items that were introduced along with the Aberration map and are useful as well for crafting such items on other maps as well.

How to Farm Congealed Gas Ball?

There is more than one way to get Congealed Gas Ball thanks to the addition of the other maps and this resource has become more common.

The first way that players could obtain Congealed Gas Balls was to craft a Gas Collector and place it on a Gas Vein in Aberration, providing the resource over time.

Gas Veins can now be found in Aberration, Valguero, and the Crystal Isles map, making it easier for players to farm Congealed Gas Balls.

In the Extinction Map, players can mine the Sulfur Rocks (yellowish rocks) in the Sulfur Fields to obtain Condensed Gas, which can be processed in a Refining Forge or Industrial Forge.

It is possible to obtained Condensed Gas in Genesis 1 and 2 from drops but this is not the optimal way to obtain it for crafting Congealed Gas Balls. 

Best Way to Farm Congealed Gas Ball

The best way to farm Congealed Gas Ball is considered to be in Extinction because you can easily get Condensed Gas and only need a Refining Forge or higher to process it.

In Aberration or the other maps that have Gas Veins, it’s best to build multiple Gas Collectors for an increased amount of Congealed Gas Balls.

If you have a Magmasaur, you can place Condensed Gas into its inventory and it will be transformed into a Congealed Gas Ball, similar to processing with a forge.

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Congealed Gas Ball Uses

Congealed Gas Balls are mainly used to craft various items that were introduced in Aberration, especially Charge Battery, Charge Lantern, and the Tek Railgun.

Element can be crafted using Congealed Gas Balls, allowing players to farm a certain number of resources to easily obtain it.

Congealed Gas Balls may also be used to craft Gasoline within the Chemistry Bench, an alternative way to get Gasoline in certain maps.


  • Tek Railgun


  • Charge Battery
  • Charge Lantern
  • Pliers


  • Hazard Suit Boots
  • Hazard Suit Gloves
  • Hazard Suit Hat
  • Hazard Suit Pants
  • Hazard Suit Shirt



  • Mushroom Brew


Congealed Gas Balls have a lot of uses in Ark, and it is a good idea to get a good supply of them whenever you are given the chance.

When there are not many ways to obtain oil in a map or certain location, the use of Congealed Gas Balls to make Gasoline may come in handy.

One of the strongest weapons in Ark for both PVE and PVP is the Tek Railgun, which requires Congealed Gas Ball to craft.

Survival on Aberration and other hazardous locations on other maps is much easier if you have a Hazard Suit Set, which requires Congealed Gas Balls to craft.

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