ARK: How to Get Element Ore

ARK Element Ore

Element Ore was new back when Aberration first came out and existed only in that map until newer DLC maps arrived.

This dark purple mineral possesses the ability to be transformed into Element, provided it is combined with the required resources.

On some maps, Element Ore is easy to farm especially when you have the right tools and can later help supply players with a good amount of Element.

How to Farm Element Ore?

Initially, the only way to obtain Element Ore was only obtainable in the Aberration map within The Grave of the Lost, a dangerous location where a river of deadly liquid flows.

You can mine the Element Ore from the nodes which appear as small dark rocks with a hint of purple crystals within them.

Crystal Isles is well known to have a lot of Element Ore which may be farmed in the underwater part of the Large Bee Cave.

Using a tool such as a Pick or Mining Drill, you can gather Element Ore from the Volcanic Cave within the Volcano Biome.

Best Way to Farm Element Ore

One of the best ways to farm Element Ore is the underwater part of the Large Bee Cave in Crystal Isles, as you can gather a lot of Element Ore underwater.

You can easily get a lot of Element Ore by heading to the Volcanic Cave (Genesis 1) and by heading to the part where lava flows down, which contains a ton of Element Ore nodes.

Aberration has a bunch of Element Ore nodes down in the Grave of the Lost, but it can sometimes be quite dangerous to those who are unprepared.

Using a Mining Drill does a good job when it comes to farming Element Ore and it also helps with the wait to avoid becoming immobile.

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Element Ore Uses

Currently, the only use for Element Ore is for crafting the whole Element, which is done one at a time and requires a set of resources.

Crafting Element with Element Ore and the other resources is done in a Charge Node and requires the materials below.


Element Ore is not always the easiest resource to get but once you have the right gear and tames to help you find it, you can expect to get a continuous supply of Element.

Crafting Element in a Charge Node can be quite tedious at times, which makes it necessary to do so in bulk to save up on time moving back and forth.

Due to the abundance of Element Ore on certain maps, players can get an early supply of Element for later on.

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