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ARK Mutagel

Along with the Genesis Part 2 DLC, a few new resources were added, one of them being Mutagel, an important resource for those who want to buff up their tamed creatures.

Mutagel is a resource required for players to make Mutagen, and is considered valuable to those who want to avoid traveling into the Heart of Rockwell to collect Mutagen.

While Mutagel is currently only available in Genesis Part 2, different methods allow you to collect this resource.

How to Farm Mutagel?

They are currently a few ways to get Mutagel, all of them are done on the Genesis Part 2 map and are not available on the others.

You can obtain Mutagel from the asteroids during the Ambergris phase (Ringed Planet) as there will be a ton of them in the large open asteroid field.

Another way to get Mutagel which is quite dangerous is to travel to the Heart of Rockwell and wait for the acid river to subside, revealing Mutagel that can be handpicked.

Mutagel can be crafted from Mutagen, but this is not suggested as you don’t have much of a need to reduce Mutagen down to this resource. 

Best Way To Farm Mutagel

The best way to farm Mutagel is to farm the Ringed Planet Asteroid resources to get a lot of Mutagel which is also the safest method.

You can get a good amount of Mutagel in Rockwell’s Heart but this area is dangerous and most players are least likely to survive.

Metagel Uses

Mutagel is used to craft Mutagen, a resource used for mutating your creatures to have better stats, perfect for breeding later on.

Aside from being needed to craft Mutagen, Mutagel can also be used to tame Tek Stryders, providing you have completed enough missions.

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Most players who want to make use of the new resources in Genesis Part 2 will want to get their hands on a bunch of Mutagel and Mutagen.

While it is possible to get Mutagen in different ways of collecting, some have an easier time collecting vast amounts of Mutagel and would rather turn it into Mutagen after.

Those who wish to make the strongest creatures by breeding will need a large amount of Mutagel for the Mutagen crafting, but this is, later on, rewarding due to the added stats to creatures.

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