Ark Shadowmane (How to Tame, Saddle, Location, Controls…)

ARK Shadowmane

The Shadowmane was newly added when Genesis Part 2 came out, making its appearance in the more dangerous parts of the map.

This carnivorous creature is both elegant and deadly, one that should not be underestimated as it can close in on you within a few seconds.

These stealthy creatures can be seen lurking around and can even disappear from plain sight to launch a surprise attack on their victims.

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1) Warp Attack

The Shadowmane warps towards an enemy and attacks them, striking multiple enemies if there are more than one in the area.

Holding the attack will allow you to charge up to target an area in front of the Shadowmane, allowing you to target multiple enemies in an area.


  • Right click (for PC)
  • LT (for Xbox)
  • L2 (for PS4)

2) Cloak

Causes the Shadowmane to become almost invisible, which includes the rider, allowing you to sneak past enemies or do surprise attacks.


  • C (for Pc)
  • Right Stick (Xbox)
  • Right Stick (PS4)

3) Roar (Male)

When riding a male Shadowmane, lets out a boosting roar, which provides faster stamina and torpor recovery along with a boost in movement speed.


  • C (for Pc)
  • Right Stick (Xbox)
  • Right Stick (PS4)

4) Group Cloaking (Female)

When riding a female Shadowmane, causes surrounding tamed Shadowmanes to cloak alongside the one which you are riding.


  • X (for Pc)
  • Press Right Analog (Xbox)
  • Hold Right Stick (PS4)

5) Warp Leap

This allows the Shadowmane to charge up for a brief period, preparing to make a forward leap that goes quite the distance after releasing the button.


  • Space (for Pc)
  • A (Xbox)
  • X (PS4)

6) Thornmail (Passive)

Enemies that attack the Shadowmane gain a debuff which causes them to deal less damage as well as take damage over time, stacking up to 5 times.

7) Hydration (Passive)

Coming into contact with water increases the damage, speed as well as health regeneration of the Shadowmane, lasting up to 30 seconds.



Capable of traveling fast when it comes to either land or water makes the Shadowmane one of the most versatile mounts there are, perfect for scouting and getting to places quickly.


With its ability to shock enemies with its warp attack, the Shadowmane is capable of disabling enemies and even dismounting players, making it a perfect disabler.

Damage Dealer

The Shadowmane deals a good amount of damage and with its ability to use its warp attack and poison enemies, it is quite the damage dealer as well as defensive tame.

Taming Mount

Being able to equip your weapon while riding the Shadowmane is a huge bonus for when you need to tame something and to add more, you have its stun to help you out.

How to Tame Shadowmane?

Shadowmanes are not tamed like most creatures and instead of the traditional knockout methods, you will need to do this in a passive manner.

To tame a Shadowmane, you will need to feed it Fish Baskets (with 0.5 or higher fish in them) but this is only doable when they are resting.

You will notice the Shadowmanes usually rest during the morning, but it is still advised to use Ghillie Armor for stealth and Bug Repellent just in case their other enemies are nearby.

It is possible to trap a Shadowmane by immobilizing it or knocking it out, building a trap afterward, or luring it into a trap and immobilizing it.

Methods for immobilization include using a Harpoon Launcher and a Net Projectile to hold it in place.


The Shadowmane will need Fish Baskets to eat, making it necessary to have a few with you that have fish already in them.

Once a Shadowmane has been tamed, it will start eating any type of meat that you place in its inventory, instead of requiring specific food.


Shadowmanes do not require a saddle to be ridden and you can instead hop right on after taming them to ride them.

Depending on the level of the Shadowmane, they will have a certain amount of armor which is finalized after being tamed.



While the Shadowmane seems to be a combination of a Lion and a Fish, it breeds just like any other mammal in Ark, giving birth to a baby Shadowmane after gestation.


Resources Harvested from Shadowmane Body

  • Hide
  • Keratin
  • Raw Meat


Shadowmanes can be found on the left side of the Genesis Part 2 map, usually along rivers, and may be seen sleeping during the day and prowling by night.


Shadowmanes are one of the main beauties of the Genesis Part 2 map, and those who have been lucky enough to tame one at the start will benefit from it greatly.

These large creatures are great as starter mounts and can even be used later as main tames for fighting enemies.

One must be wary when in locations where Shadowmanes dwell, as these prowlers can sometimes be unseen and can take down even the most experienced players.

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