Ark Tek Stryder (How to Tame, Saddle, Location, Uses…)

ARK Tek Stryder

The Tek Tek Stryder, simply known as a Tek Stryder is a mechanical creature that roams the normal regions of the Genesis Part 2 map.

These creatures are peaceful but do tend to fight back when they are threatened by players, tamed mounts, and even wild creatures.

It appears as stated by HLN-A, that these creatures were mainly used to do the bidding of the crews, which is most likely why some of them have different attachments.


Each Tek Stryder that you find in the wild has its rigs installed onto it, which makes them have different abilities based on those rigs.

A Tek Stryder has a total of 2 rigs only (head rig and body rig) and these may have different energy consumption amounts based on what they do.

1) Excavation Rig (Head)

The Excavation Rig allows you to harvest different resources (on other maps as well) aside from only a few.

When connected to a Tek Dedicated Storage, the resources harvested by the Tek Stryder be transferred automatically.

2) Pulse Cannon Rig (Head)

The Pulse Cannon Rig allows the Tek Stryder to fire lasers at a target or location, dealing damage to creatures that are hit.

The damage dealt by the Pulse Cannon Rig starts at 7 per hit, and this increases as the melee stat of the Tek Stryder does.

3) Silence Cannon Rig (Head)

The Silence Cannon Rig disables the abilities of different kinds of creatures, which include roars, special attacks, and more depending on which creature is affected.

A creature that is silenced by this attachment will let off an aura that appears as blue smoke visible above its head.

4) Radar Rig (Head)

Activating the Radar Rig will allow you to see a list of nearby creatures as well as the distance between you and them.

This ability is very effective for those who want to find specific creatures with certain levels and may help players track them down better.

5) Phase Cannon Rig (Body)

The Phase Cannon Rig is capable of releasing a powerful blast projectile which deals damage in an area around the area of impact.

It takes a short charge time and has a 10-second cooldown before being used again, but this is compensated by the fact that the damage scales with the melee stat of the Tek Stryder.

6) Resource Attractor Rig (Body)

This attachment allows you to connect a Mining Drill to the storage of the Tek Stryder, allowing the resources to go straight to its inventory.

To enable this feature, you simply need to head to the Tek Stryder with the attachment and hold the “Use” key and select the option.

7) Shield Generator Rig (Body)

The Shield Generator Rig creates an impenetrable barrier around the Tek Stryder, which allows your tames to go through but prevents projectiles from entering.

When enough damage is dealt, the charge runs out or deactivated, the shield will be turned off and maybe turned on again when ready.

8) Shield Projector Rig (Body)

This rig projects a shield in front of the Tek Stryder but unlike the Shield Generator Rig, it does not continuously use up charge and instead disappears when durability reaches zero.

The shield projected is affected by creature attacks and firearm damage but this is compensated by the fact that the total health of the Tek Stryder increases the amount of damage that can be taken.


Damage Dealer

With the vast amount of choices for weaponry, the Tek Stryder, depending on its attachments may deal a ton of damage to enemies.

Mobile Transmitter

The Tek Stryder has its Transmitter and can be used by players to jump between maps just like with a standard Tek Transmitter.

Mobile Bed

A bed is present on the Tek Stryder, allowing players to use it as a respawn point for respawning or fast traveling to it.

Mobile Defense

Depending on what shield rig the Tek Stryder has, it can be used as a means of defense when players are away from their base or protecting it.

Resource Farming

With the addition of the Excavation Rig, Tek Stryders can be efficiently used to harvest different kinds of resources, saving you from the trouble of having to use tools and other creatures.


The large amount of weight that the Tek Stryder has makes it perfect for carrying resources and the ability to automatically transport resources from a Mining Drill to it makes it even better.

Taming Assist

Those who are hunting for specific creatures can use a Tek Stryder with the Radar Rig to find nearby creatures and track them down.

How to Tame Tek Stryder?

Taming a Tek Stryder is relatively easy as they are passive tames and simply need a specific amount of Mutagel based on their level, higher levels requiring more Mutagel.

You will also need to have completed a specific number of missions in Genesis Part 2 to tame a Tek Stryder, the higher the level, the more missions you need to have completed.

Once you have met the requirements for taming and have enough Mutagel, simply approach the Tek Stryder (Mutagel in the last item slot) and interact with the Tek Stryder.


The Tek Stryder only needs Mutagel when it is being tamed and once this has been completed it requires no food to stay alive.

Tek Stryders do not have any food bar present and will function normally without the need for other items.

Tek Stryder Saddle

The Tek Stryder does not have a saddle but instead, it comes with a platform once it has been tamed, which includes a Tek Transmitter at the front and a Sleeping Pod at the back.


Cannot Breed or be Cloned

Tek Stryders cannot be bred nor can they be cloned, which makes it necessary to tame multiple ones if you are looking for a specific rig or want more of them.


Tek Stryders do not drop items on death and will simply explode when killed, leaving behind nobody to be harvested.


Tek Stryders can be found wandering the right part of the Genesis Part 2 map (right ring) and are usually seen wandering around peacefully.


Tek Stryders are some of the best endgame tames for players to have due to the different rigs and the utility of each type.

Depending on the type of rig your Stryder has, there will always be a role that they will excel at, which makes it a good idea to have multiple ones.

Players who are lucky enough to get the Tek Stryders they prefer can put them to good use, especially when it comes to offense, defense, taming, and farming.

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