ARK Summoner (Behavior, Drops & Location)

ARK Summoner

Summoners are some of the strangest-looking creatures which have even turned out to disgust HLN-A with their awful appearance.

These creatures can be found most of the time floating around inside Rockwell’s Innards, guarding the area, most likely to prevent trespassers from exploring.

Players are to avoid contact with these when possible as fighting them can be quite a problem, especially since they can summon other creatures to attack you.


Summoners act like guards within Rockwell’s Innards and you can usually find them patrolling certain areas and wandering.

These sentinels will mostly be facing downwards and will be shining a light beneath them, triggering an alarm status if you are detected.

Once detected, you will be attacked by the Summoner, who will attempt to follow you while hurling projectiles at you and summoning flesh variants of creatures to attack you.

The best way to avoid Summoners is to stay away from them, as they can be invulnerable until attacking you, which by the time happens you will already be swarmed by enemies.

A good technique is to fly around with your Exo Federation Suit and avoid staying on the ground, this way you can avoid the Summoners and other hazards in Rockwell’s Innards.


Summoners do not appear to have any drops at the moment and do not leave behind bodies, instead they disappear when destroyed.


You may find summoners deep within Rockwell’s Innards, which is accessible in the corrupted ring of the large Genesis Part 2 map (Right side).


Summoners are non-tameable and mostly serve as guards within Rockwell’s Innards, making it hard for players to progress towards the boss fight or when collecting Mutagen.

Using an Exo Federation Suit is your best bet when attempting to avoid these creatures since you can simply fly above them or boost ahead of them as they can’t catch up.

Creatures that can take out a lot of enemies are best when fighting these from the ground but it is best you avoid contact with them to avoid taking on fleshy enemies.

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