Ark Voidwyrm (How to Tame, Breeding, Location, Controls…)

ARK Voidwyrm

Found in the open space between the two parts of Genesis Part 2 is the Voidwyrm, a mechanical carnivorous variation of the Wyvern.

This creature appears to have been designed by a person who may have been into “high fantasy epics” as mentioned by HLN-A.

Voidwyrms are some of the deadliest creatures you may find in Genesis Part 2, which is why you should be careful as they can appear almost out of nowhere when you are exploring space.


1) Voidwyrm Breath

The Voidwyrm has a powerful electric-like attack that deals an incredible amount of damage up close and is even capable of dealing damage to Tek structures.

Enemies hit by this attack will have their torpor increased and may eventually be knocked out and those who are mounted have a chance of being dismounted from their tamed creatures.

This attack is not like the other Wyvern breath attacks and instead of the Voidwyrm breathing for an amount of time, this attack goes on as long as you hold down the attack.


  • Right-click (for PC)
  • LT (for Xbox)
  • L2 (for PS4)

2) Harvest Trees (Grounded)

The Voidwyrm can use its wing flap action to push enemies away just like other Wyverns but when this is done near trees and similar objects, it will harvest them.

Voidwyrms can easily collect a ton of resources from trees and similar objects such as Wood, Thatch, mushrooms, and more.


  • C (for Pc)
  • Right Stick (Xbox)
  • Right Stick (PS4)

3) Pick Up (Flying)

Similar to the other Wyverns in Ark, the Voidwyrm is capable of picking up small to medium-sized creatures and flying off with them.

Pressing the action again will cause the Voidwyrm to drop the creatures that it is currently holding.


  • C (for Pc)
  • Right Stick (Xbox)
  • Right Stick (PS4)


Damage Dealer

Being a Wyvern-type creature, the based damage of the Voidwyrm is very high and can deal a large amount of damage with its bites alone.

Its breath attack can deal severe damage upfront and can easily take out several enemies when all are close together.


Voidwyrms fly around fast and can be used to easily get from one place to another, allowing you to fly over areas you cannot reach and even look around for enemy bases.

Resource Farming

As it can carry a good amount of weight and harvest trees, the Voidwyrm makes as a good substitute for other creatures when it comes to harvesting Wood, Thatch, and other resources.


The Voidwyrm’s breath attack is not only deadly because of its damage, but it can dismount players from their tames, even causing them to fall to their death.

Aside from the damage and ability to dismount others, the Voidwyrm’s breath can deal torpor, which may knock out enemy tames or wild creatures for taming.


Naturally large, the Voidwyrm is capable of carrying more weight than other creatures, making it great for travel, transporting, and storing items.

How to Tame Voidwyrm?

The Voidwyrm can be tamed only by damaging it to the point where it stops in place and will noticeably show what appear to be blue flames from under its wings.

Once the Voidwyrm is in such a state, you can begin to tame it by interacting with it (you will have to get close to it) to ride it, but you will need to have Mutagen in your last item slot.

While mounted on the Voidwyrm (still wild) you will need to wait for it to perform a barrel roll, which requires that you press the “Use” key to increase the taming percentage.

A good technique is to look out for the text below instead of waiting for the animation so that you can press the key right away.

This taming process requires a good amount of mutagen, more will be needed for higher-level Voidwyrms.


Voidwyrms must be tamed using Mutagen, which is consumed when you react as they do their barrel rolls but afterward, they will consume meat normally similar to any carnivore.


Just like the other Wyverns that are in Ark, the Voidwyrm does not need a saddle to be ridden and may be piloted by a player right after being tamed.



Unlike other Wyverns in the game, two Voidwyrms are capable of breeding, resulting in the female dropping a greyish egg with cyan spots on it.

The Fertilized Voidwyrm Egg will take up to 5 hours before it hatches, where the baby will afterward need 3 days 20 hours, and 35 minutes before becoming fully grown.

Baby Voidwyrms do not need Wyvern Milk or other special food to grow, instead, they will consume meat just like other carnivorous babies.

Hatching a Fertilized Voidwyrm Egg needs to be done within a temperature of 80°F – 90 °C or 176°F  – 194°F.


Resources Harvested from Voidwyrm Body


Voidwyrms can be found in the Space/Asteroid Area in Genesis Part 2, which is accessible by the multiple bridges coming from the Corrupt Biome or the Normal Biome.


Voidwyrms are more mechanical than they are creatures but they do show traits that any other biological creature would, eating meat and having survival instincts.

These amazing creatures may appear to be easy on the eyes but should not be underestimated as they can be the cause of your demise when you are not careful.

Having a Voidwyrm amongst your tamed creatures can provide you with a lot of benefits from basic utility to offense and defense during PVP.

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