ARK: How to Get Element Dust

ARK Element Dust

When Ark’s Extinction map was released, a bunch of new resources came with it, including Element Dust, which gives players an advantage when it comes to getting Element.

Element Dust appears as a ground or tiny bit of Element, which can be used to craft certain items or may be used to craft Unstable Element.

These can come from many of the structures in Extinction but can also be obtained on other maps thanks to the presence of Tek creatures.

How to Farm Element Dust?

Element Dust can be gathered efficiently in the Extinction map, but this doesn’t mean you can’t farm it on other maps.

You can farm Element Dust in Extinction by harvesting the structures such as tables, benches, and lampposts that are all around Sanctuary.

Extinction is also home to Enforcers and Defense Units, which can be killed and harvested for Element Dust and other resources.

Every map has Tek Creatures spawned into them, these creatures may be killed and harvested for Element Dust along with other valuable resources.

Genesis 2 has one particular asteroid field phase where there are tons of piles of Element Dust on the floating rocks, which you can pick up.

Another asteroid phase is the Ice Asteroids, which have greenish rocks which may be harvested for both Element and Element Dust.

It is possible to craft Element Dust in a City Terminal but the ratio of Element to Element Dust is not worth it if you intend to turn it back to Element later on.

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Best Way to Farm Element Dust

The best way to get Element Dust is to kill the Defense Units and Enforcers found in Extinction, as they provide a large amount when harvested, especially with a Chainsaw.

It is possible to tame and breed Tek creatures which you can turn into livestock for Element Dust and other resources. (Kill and farm for resources)

In Genesis 2, you can get an insane amount of Element and Element Dust by using the charge attack of your Exo Federation Gauntlets. (Free when you spawn in Genesis 2)

Element Dust Uses

Element Dust is used to crafting only a few items in Ark, which are mainly resources and items which were introduced in Extinction.

The Scout and Enforcer rely on having a supply of Element Dust to remain powered (Enforcer uses it as food while Scout needs it to be powered) for continuous usage.

You may craft the following with Element Dust:

  • Unstable Element
  • Unstable Element Shard
  • Unassembled Enforcer
  • Scout Remote
  • Tek Gravity Grenade


Players who can get their hands on Tek creatures early on can get Element Dust and other resources early for later.

The Element Dust you harvest from Tek creatures may vary with size but stays around a fixed amount with Enforcers and Defense Units.

Unstable Element and Unstable Element Shards crafted with Element Dust will expire and turn into Element or Element Shards after the timer runs out.

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