ARK: How to Get Prime Crystal

ARK Prime Crystal

Crystal Isles is one of the most popular maps in Ark and once it was introduced to the game, it also came with new creatures and resources.

One of the resources that were added is the Primal Crystal, which is a resource only obtainable from Crystal Isles.

Unlike most crystals or gems in the game, Primal Crystal is brimming with energy, making it valuable for those who wish to raise their own Crystal Wyvern.

How to Get Prime Crystal?

There are particularly 2 ways to obtain Primal Crystal, which are similar to the Milk gathering techniques used with Wyverns.

Crystal Wyverns can be knocked out, allowing you to interact with them to open their inventory, where you can take the Prime Crystal.

Another way to get Prime Crystal is to kill Alpha Crystal Wyverns, as these will drop an amount of 20 to 30 primal crystals when killed.

Best Way to Farm Prime Crystal

The best way to farm Prime Crystal is to prepare a trap for the Crystal Wyverns using either Behemoth Gates, the traditional way or to make a structure that usually involves triangle ceilings.

Lure the Crystal Wyvern into the trap so that you can easily tranquilize it from a safe distance, allowing you to collect then kill it before luring the next one.

Prime Crystal Uses

Prime Crystals are used when raising Crystal Wyverns after hatching them from stolen eggs, which is needed as a food source.

The Prime Crystals need to be placed in the inventory of the Crystal Wyverns to replenish their food, as they will no eat anything else until fully matured.

Players may also use Prime Crystals along with other tributes to summon the Crystal Wyvern Queen, initiating the boss fight.

Prime Crystals can be used as substitutes for Crystal (not recommended) and eventually turn into Crystals after expiring. 

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Prime Crystal Expiration

A Prime Crystal loses its energy and expires after 45 minutes but this can be prolonged by placing them in the inventory of a Crystal Wyvern.

The expiration timer will not be affected if placed in other preservation structures and needs a Crystal Wyvern instead.


It is best to get Prime Crystal before your Crystal Wyvern Egg is about to hatch, that way you have food to place in its inventory.

While a Crystal Wyvern does not require a lot of Prime Crystal right away, it’s a good idea to have some ready for when you plan to raise one.

Keep your Prime Crystals in the inventory of a Crystal Wyvern so that you can have a good stock before raising another one.

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