ARK: How to Get Element Shards

ARK Element Shards

Element Shards are smaller fragments of Element, usually used as ammunition or to create other items that are of Tek Tier.

It is possible to obtain Element Shards in other maps aside from simply crafting them from whole Element.

Players can freely craft Element Shards from Element and craft Element With Element Shards at the same ratio.

How to Get Element Shard?

Element Shard is a resource that can be crafted, which is mainly done in the Tek Replicator, exchanging 1x Element for 100x Element Shards.

It is possible to use Element Dust to create Unstable Element Shards, which after expiring will turn into Element Shards.

Best Way To Farm Element Shards

The best way to get your hands on a ton of Element Shards is to obtain a large supply of Element and craft the amount that you want.

Since Element Shards are crafted from Element or Element Dust, it’s best to just mass produce them to save time and do other things while waiting.

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Element Shard Uses

Element Shards are meant to power Tek Structures such as the Tek Cloning Chamber, which requires a huge amount.

Other structures that require Element Shards are the Tek Generator (power supply) and the Tek Turret (Ammo) as well as the Tek Light.

Certain items may also be crafted using Element Shards, which are the following:


  • Sloped Tek Roof
  • Sloped Tek Wall Left
  • Sloped Tek Wall Right
  • Tek Fence Foundation
  • Tek Fence Support
  • Tek Railing
  • Tek Staircase
  • Tek Triangle Ceiling
  • Tek Triangle Foundation
  • Tek Triangle Roof



There are not many items that you can create with Element Shard, aside from the different Tek structures that require it.

You can craft Element and Element Dust when needed and vice versa, but crafting Element Shard (or Element) with Element Dust will provide you with less of the resource.

It is good to craft a lot of Element Shards for your Tek Turrets and your Tek Generators if you prefer Element Shards over Element when powering them.

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2 thoughts on “ARK: How to Get Element Shards”

  1. Im just wondering what is the fastest way to turn element dust into shards… I have element dust from my garchas and would like to turn to shards… doing this via my inventory is super slow. Is there a quicker way please.

    • Unfortunately there are currently two ways you can turn Element Dust into Element, which is either using a Charge Node (Aberration/Crystal Isles) or via the inventory. If your server is running mods, there may be other ways depending on the mods. Best way to get Element is to do bosses most of the time but if you are on Genesis 2, you can get heaps of it in 5-10 minutes.


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