ARK: How to Get Scrap Metal (Unrefined)

ARK Scrap Metal (Unrefined)

Scrap Metal is a variant of the normal Metal (ore) which first became available when the Extinction map was released.

This resource is not the only type of Metal that can be farmed in Extinction but is one of them which can be obtained in different ways, unlike the usual node mining.

You can use Scrap Metal just as you would with Metal (ore), allowing you to smelt it as well as craft similar items.

How to Farm Scrap Metal?

Scrap Metal is not obtained the same way as you would get normal Metal (ore) and instead, you get it by harvesting the different structures or creatures in Extinction and some other maps.

You can farm Scrap Metal in Extinction by destroying Benches, Lampposts, Tables, and more structures found around Sanctuary.

Extinction has Enforcers, Defense Units, and Tek creatures that may be killed and harvested for Scrap Metal as well as other valuable resources.

Best Way To Farm Scrap Metal

Many consider one of the best ways to farm Scrap Metal is to use a Chainsaw on the corpse of dead Tek creatures, Enforcers, or Defense Units.

It is possible to tame and later on breed Tek creatures to kill and farm later on to provide you with a supply of Scrap Metal and other resources from time to time.

The larger the Tek creature, the more Scrap Metal and other resources it tends to provide when harvested.

Using a Doedicurus to destroy Extinction structures seems to provide a larger amount of resources when farming for Scrap Metal.

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Scrap Metal Uses

Scrap Metal can be processed to produce Scrap Metal Ingot, converting 2x Scrap Metal into 1x Scrap Metal Ingot or 40x Scrap Metal into 20x Scrap Metal Ingot.

You can use Scrap Metal as a replacement for Metal (ore) when crafting certain items, making it an efficient substitute for it when needed.

The following can be crafted with Scrap Metal:

  • Ammo Box
  • Compass
  • Feeding Trough
  • Ichthyosaurus Saddle
  • Metal Ingot
  • Toilet
  • Tripwire Alarm Trap
  • Wooden Table


Scrap Metal is not the number one choice when it comes to farming Metal, as many nodes can be farmed that respawn.

Players may easily gather a lot of Scrap Metal by killing enemies in Sanctuary and by harvesting them, best done with a Chainsaw though.

When farming creatures or structures for Scrap Metal, you will usually get other resources such as Electronics, Element Dust, and more.

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