Ark Astrodelphis (How to Tame, Saddle, Location, Controls…)

ARK Astrodelphis

An Astrodelphis is a strange space dolphin, or as nicknamed by some of the crew who were once present on the ship in the Genesis Part 2 map.

These creatures will mostly mind their own business but will attempt to give players a hard headbutt if they feel bothered by their presence.

While these flying dolphins may seem to be peaceful and clueless most of the time, they are very intelligent and can be very powerful when equipped with a saddle.

Astrodelphis Abilities

The Astrodelphis has a different kind of saddle called the Astrodelphis Starwing Saddle, which completely changes this creature into a Starfighter.

While riding the Astrodelphis, the player can make it do a normal attack and fly around at a normal pace, but when Starwing Mode is activated, a whole new set of moves can be done.

1) Starwing Mode

Activating Starwing Mode provides the Astrodelphis with a whole new set of attacks and maneuvers, automatically expanding the wings and thrusting the creature forward.

Pressing the same key will deactivate Starwing Mode and revert the Astrodelphis to a slower and calmer nature.

To activate and deactivate Starwing Mode, you must press the following:


  • Ctrl (for PC)
  • RB (for Xbox)
  • R1 (for PS4)

2) Plasma Projectiles (Starwing Mode)

The Astrodelphis can fire plasma projectiles when in Starwing Mode, which includes two different attacks (aside from the grenade attack) which include Plasma Lasers and Plasma Rockets.

Pressing the corresponding button will cause the Astrodelphis to fire out Plasma Lasers while holding the button will charge up Plasma Rockets which locks on to enemies within your crosshair.

Plasma Lasers are very precise when fired while Plasma Rockets travel forward or chase after the locked-on enemy to explode on impact.


  • Left Click (for PC)
  • RT (for Xbox)
  • R2 (for PS4)

Starwing Mode requires that the Astrodelphis has Element in its inventory to be activated and continuously used.

3) Explosive Projectile

Fires an explosive projectile forward which explodes on impact, dealing damage in a large area at the cost of Grenades which must be in the Astrodelphis’ inventory.


  • Right click (for PC)
  • LT (for Xbox)
  • L2 (for PS4)

4) Electromagnetic Pulse/Sonar (Starwing Mode)

Holding down the “Jump” button allows the Astrodelphis to perform an Electromagnetic Pulse when flying in Starwing Mode.

Pressing the same button underwater will cause the Astrodelphis to perform a sonar action which reveals the location of creatures with whitish orbs marking their locations.


  • Space (for PC)
  • A (for Xbox)
  • X (for PS4)

5) Loop Maneuver (Starwing Mode)

Pressing the “Crouch” button causes the Astrodelphis to do a loop maneuver, allowing you to evade creatures and their attacks.


  • C (for PC)
  • Right Stick (for Xbox)
  • Right Stick (for PS4)

6) Swap Direction (Starwing Mode)

Pressing the “Prone” button allows the Astrodelphis to fly forward and quickly turn around, making it easy to change your direction.


  • X (for PC)
  • Hold Right Stick (Xbox)
  • Hold Right Stick (PS4)

7) Starwing Buffs (Passive)

Killing creatures while in Starwing Mode will cause them to drop a buff that the Astrodelphis can pick up, granting it bonus damage, damage resistance as well as a boost in movement speed.

Killing another creature and picking up the buff will provide it with a stronger buff, making it even deadlier to its enemies.

Astrodelphis Uses


The Astrodelphis is fast on its own and when in Starwing Mode, it is even faster and capable of protecting itself while being a good way to get around.

All-Around Mount

Since the Astrodelphis is capable of flying in and out of the water, it makes us a good all-around mount, being the only creature that can freely fly in the area or underwater.

Damage Dealer

The Astrodelphis has a large arsenal of weaponry that can be used to destroy the enemies of its pilot, making it great for killing tames and players.


Fast and full of ways to destroy enemies in the air or bombarding them on the ground, the Astrodelphis is an extremely versatile creature capable of assaulting enemies as it flies.


Having an Astrodelphis guard you’re you when you are farming, taming, or doing other things in certain maps, as they can easily catch up and protect you and your tribe.

How to Tame Astrodelphis?

To tame an Astrodelphis, you will need to need to get up close to it to feed it Element, which must be placed in your last inventory slot.

An easy way to tame an Astrodelphis is to move close to it enough to get its attention and lure it into a trap made from gateways.

Approach the Astrodelphis and interact with it to pet it, which allows you to pet it afterward, and you must repeat this until tamed.

The sooner you interact with the Astrodelphis, the higher the percentage increases when taming, making it better to spam if necessary.


Initially, Astrodelphis must be tamed with Element but afterward, it will eat variants of meat normally like any other carnivore.

Astrodelphis Saddle

Astrodelphis Saddle crafting resources:

Astrodelphis Breeding


Previously it was possible to mate two Astrodelphiss even if they are genderless which may have been a bug or intentional.

As of now Astrodelphiss can no longer be bred and continue to have no specified gender, making it appear as if this has been disabled for now.

It is still possible for them to drop an Astrodelphis Egg which is orange in color with purple spots scattered across it, implying breeding may be possible in the future via laying eggs.

Astrodelphis Drops

Resources Harvested from Astrodelphis Body

  • Hide
  • Raw Meat

Astrodelphis Location

Several Astrodelphis may be found flying around the asteroid area in between the two parts of the Genesis Part 2 map, usually in groups.

Searching near each of the bridges is a good start when looking around for Astrodelphis but you should be careful as Voidwyrms tend to sneak up on the unwary.


An Astrodelphis is an amazing late-game creature to have but to craft the Astrodelphis Starwing Saddle, you must first reach level 120.

Once you have an Astrodelphis equipped with an Astrodelphis Starwing Saddle, it can be considered one of the strongest and versatile tamed creatures you have.

These intelligent creatures have several roles and provide a huge advantage for those who can make good use of their abilities.

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