Sisterly Love Side Quest in BL3

Borderlands 3 Sisterly Love Mission

  • Mission Type: Side Mission
  • Planet: The Handsome Jackpot
  • Location: The Spendopticon
  • Level: 50

There is a feud between two sister who each have a casino and they seek to put each other out of business for good.

Both of the sisters have a task for you and will ask you to help them take each other out which you will do and hope to get the most out of the tasks in terms as a reward.

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Mission Walkthrough

The first sister to contact you will by Sandy Hart, who asks you to first go fishing in a nearby fountain for her plot to put her sister out of business.

Once you reach the fountain, either shoot it or toss a grenade in order to simulate what is near to dynamite fishing.

After shooting or tossing a grenade and causing damage, fish will begin to rise out of the fountain which you will then pick up.

After picking up the fish, head over to the casino where there will be 3 waypoints where you will need to place the fish.

Place the fishes in all of the marked locations and watch as the customers begin to notice and leave the casino.

The other sister name Leah Hart will contact you and offer you double the reward to help her get back at her sister which your character agrees to.

Leah will then instruct you to head over to a shady merchant that owes her a favor in order to collect an algorithm that will make the other casino toss out all its money.

After a quick chat, the merchant will hand over the Shady Cartridge which you are to grab and bring over to Sandy’s casino.

Head over to Sandy’s casino and access the mainframe which is located in a room at the back of the building.

Leah will have you try a few passwords in order to hack into the system so you can install the algorithm in the mainframe.

After accessing the mainframe, a waypoint will show where you are to install the algorithm which you will simply interact with.

Once the algorithm has been installed, cash will start to flow out of all the machines in the area and people will run around and begin to collect them.

Unfortunately, things get out of hand and due to the loss of cash, Sandy’s debt becomes too big and a debt collector is sent to vaporize her.

Leah asks you to intervene and help saver her sister from the Debt Collector which is on its way towards the casino.

Intercept the Debt Collector and destroy it which will later end up with the two sisters apologizing to each other.

Wait for the sisters to finish their conversation which later on also ends up with them fighting and the mission will finish.

Sisterly Love Mission Rewards

Upon completion of the Sisterly Love mission, you will receive a reward of around 69,360 cash.


  • It seems some weapons can trigger the fish to appear in the fountain after shooting it if no grenades are available.
  • When placing the fish in the casino, you can ignore the enemies along the way and head straight for the waypoints.
  • The Debt Collector can easily be killed when using corrosive type weapons as it melts its armor fast.
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