Heart of Gold Side Quest in BL3

Borderlands 3 Heart of Gold Mission

  • Mission Type: Side Mission
  • Planet: The Handsome Jackpot
  • Location: The Compactor – Trashlantis
  • Level: 50

A robot named Joy is all alone and needs your help as it has changed its ways and instead of being one of those killbots that are everywhere, it just wants a friend to have a picnic with.

Your mission will be to head out to collect all the items needed to have a picnic and help Joy experience having one once all the items have been gathered.

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Mission Walkthrough

Joy will ask you to collect a variety of items in order to experience a picnic for the very first time and it will be your task to collect them.

Each of the items will be marked by a waypoint and will be relatively close to your location when receiving the missions.

Coming from Joy’s location, you can find a Blanket in the Stenching Meadows which will be used as the base cloth for the picnic.

Moving past the Stenching Meadows, you will find yourself in The Bordel-O where the Root Beer Floats which will serve as your beverages will be located.

Just straight ahead from Joy’s location, you will find a Picnic Umbrella which is meant to shade the whole picnic area, located on top of a bunch of scrap cubes.

Heading to the right from Joy’s location will bring you into Cubeland where you can find a Basket on the very right side which is obviously going to be the picnic basket.

Further out from Cubeland, keep traveling and you will find yourself in Refuse Ridge where you will find the Potato Salad and Ham Sandwiches item which is likely to be the pretend snacks for the picnic.

Head back to Joy so you can both head out and go out for the picnic that it has been dreaming to go on one for so long.

Joy has apparently picked out a spot for the picnic and tells you to follow it to the location where the two of you will have a picnic.

Once the two of you arrive to the picnic spot, Joy will ask you to set it up and there will be markers where you can place the items that you have collected.

After the picnic has been set up, Joy will ask you to stay with it for a little while as it wants to enjoy the picnic with someone.

After some time, Joy will get up and thank you as well as tell you that the picnic was last on its bucket list and that it’s battery is failing which means it will die.

As a reward, Joy will give you some cash and then a small explosion will occur inside it, shutting it off in the process.

Heart Of Gold Mission Rewards

After completing the Heart Of Gold mission, you will be rewarded with 69,360 cash.


  • You can run past enemies when collecting the items for the picnic if you want to speed up the mission.
  • Joy will not engage any enemies but does move quite fast so you can expect no trouble heading to the picnic zone aside from shots from a few random robots that you can easily take out.
  • The Compactor is home to both robots and humans which makes carrying incendiary weapons for humans and corrosive weapons for robots an ideal loadout.
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