Do It For Digby (Part 1) Side Quest in BL3

BL3 Do It For Digby (Part -1) Mission

  • Mission Type: Side Mission
  • Planet: The Handsome Jackpot
  • Location: The Spendopticon – Vice District
  • Level: 50

A man named Digby is not feeling very well and needs a drink to get rid of something he calls the fog which is clouding his mind and making him uneasy.

Your task is to gather ingredients to make a special drink that will help Digby get back on his feet and put him in a better state.

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Mission Walkthrough

The first thing Digby asks you to do is give him a whack which means you are to hit him with your melee attack.

Once some sense has been knocked into Digby, he will ask you to gather the ingredients for a special drink, the Junpai Jumpstarter.

The first ingredient will be Paint Thinner which you will be able to pick up in front of the Hot Bots building nearby where Digby is.

Next you will need ratch eggs and luckily the item can be found nearby and is stashed above a garage door.

Some players get confused thinking that they need to find a way inside but what you need to do is go to the right and climb up from the side.

Jump on top of the ledge and grab the ratch eggs that have been hidden above the garage door and make your way to the next ingredient.

A waypoint will lead you to the last item which is Foxxxi’s Cabaret where the lime will be in the back of the bar.

After you have collected all of the ingredients for the Junpai Jumpstarter, make your way back to the bar where Digby is sitting.

You will need to add and mix the different ingredients a few times over until the final drink has been mixed.

Keep interacting with the blender until all of the ingredients have been placed and mixed in it until it is ready to be given to Digby.

Once the mix is done, hand it over to Digby so that he may drink it and have his mind cleared from the fog.

Out of nowhere, Digby will jump up and pass out on the ground but fear not, as it is just the Junpai Jumpstarter kicking in.

Digby will get up and thank you for helping him which will cause the mission to end but also making a part 2 quest available from Digby as well.

Do It For Digby (Part 1) Mission Rewards

Completing the Do It For Digby (Part 1) mission will reward you with an amount of 69,360 cash and will also unlock the Do It For Digby (Part 2) mission.


  • There is not a lot you need to do except gather items for Digby’s drink.
  • You won’t be able to avoid most of the enemies but they won’t be much of a threat either so bring along some incendiary weapons as there are several humans.
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