Regaining One’s Feet Side Quest in BL3

Borderlands 3 Ragaining One's Bot Mission

  • Mission Type: Side Mission
  • Planet: The Handsome Jackpot
  • Location: Grand Opening
  • Level: 50

Allan is a gambler who seems to have run all out of luck and is desperate to get it back or else he will be in a huge pile of debt and his life will be over.

Your mission is to help Allan find items that will bring back his luck in an attempt for one last risk to clear him of debt and get rich.

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Mission Walkthrough

Your first task is to find Bruce the Deuce who Allan has lent his lucky jabber foot to in the past and get it back.

A waypoint will be showing where Bruce the Deuce should be and you are to make your way towards the location to look for the Jabber foot.

Upon reaching Bruce the Deuce’s location, it will appear that he has been killed and there is no sign of the Jabber foot.

Allan tells you to pick up a Lucky Horseshoe that is laying beside Bruce The Deuce as they are known to have lucky items with them.

Allan will then instruct you to find 2 other good luck charms from the Deuces which are lying around the casino.

Enemies will start to appear and will attack you while you are searching for the good luck charms so stay alert.

One of the good luck charms is a Lucky hat and is marked by a waypoint that will lead you to the second floor.

The other good luck charm is a Silver Skag Figurine which is located on a table near some slot machines, also marked by a waypoint.

Take all of the good luck charms that you have collected and head back to Allan and he will ask you to place them.

As Allan attempts to play again, he still loses and despite having all the good luck charms with him but someone suddenly contacts the two of you.

A person called the Golden Bullion claims to have the Lucky Jabber Foot and Allan tells you to go and get it from him.

As you head to the location where the Golden Bullion hangs out which is called Bullion’s Cube, an ambush will be waiting and you will need to fight your way out but only after acquiring the good luck charm.

The Golden Bullion and some of his minions will appear and begin to attack you and you are to clear the area, killing Golden Bullion in the process.

Apparently, the Golden Bullion doesn’t have the Lucky Jabber Foot and Allan tells you to grab his leg instead which is now called the Lucky Foot.

Bring the Lucky Foot back to Allan and place it on the machine that he is playing and he will attempt to try one last time.

To Allan’s relief, he finally wins and cash will start pouring out of the machine, resulting in Allan thanking you and the mission ending.

Regaining One’s Feet Mission Rewards

Once you complete the Regaining One’s Feet mission, you will receive around 69,360 cash along with an “All-In” epic shield mod.


  • The Golden Bullion may take a few more shots to kill but aiming for his head can make things much easier.
  • While collecting the good luck charms, you don’t need to deal with the enemies but instead you can rush towards all the items.
  • The enemies in the area are pretty much like bandits and will go down easily with the right gear and bringing corrosive or flame type weapons will be a good help against most enemies.
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