Double Down Side Quest in BL3

Borderlands 3 Double Down Side Quest

  • Mission Type: Side Mission
  • Planet: The Handsome Jackpot
  • Location: The Spendopticon
  • Level: 50

An unfair gambler and trickster named Double Down Domino has challenged you and offered to make a bet which leads to a series of double downs that lead from one thing to another.

Your task is to face all of the challenges and win the bet against the gambler until they have nothing left to bet with.

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Mission Walkthrough

The first challenge will be to find the king of heats which she claims to have in one of the cards facing down and tells you to find it but hold on because there is something really sketchy.

Apparently, she cheated and the card will be behind her hat so head behind her and take the card which she has hidden.

Once you find the card, she hid behind her hat she will tell you that she is doubling down and will offer a bigger bet for another challenge.

Double Down Domino will tell you that she has hidden three cards in the are which you must shoot, the first being at the base of the statue in front of her stand.

Another card can be found at the very top right above where her stand is and you can see it when moving backwards from it.

One more of the cards can be found in the bushes near a sign pointing to the market just to the right of the stand.

Once again after you complete the challenge, Double Down Domino tells you that she got you into her trap and that she is doubling down, giving you a new challenge to do a 100 meter jump.

Timothy will give you a tip and tell you to head over to the impound as there is a way to complete the 100 meter jump.

Once you are in the impound, head over to the waypoint where there will be a pump that can be destroyed to release pressure to toss you to the other side.

Once the pump has been destroyed, it will pass on a high amount of pressure that you will need to get in front of.

You will be propelled into the air all the way to a destroyed platform where you will land and complete the challenge which once again leads to another double down by the gambler.

Double Down Domino challenges you to deface a Handsome Jack statue, thinking you won’t get away with it and that you will get killed by guards.

Ember will tell you that there is a statue where people bathe which is a private area that you can get away with defacing the Handsome Jack statue that is located in the Vice District.

You will first need to grab a toilet which has been chosen to replace the Handsome Jack statue’s head in order to cope with the challenge.

Make your way towards the next waypoint which will be the location of the statue and knock off the head with a melee attack.

After knocking off the head, a marker will show that you can place the toilet and you can do so by simply interacting with the headless statue.

Robots will be alerted after the statue has been defaced and you will need to clear them all out before you can proceed with the mission where Double Down Domino tells you to come back and talk to her.

Double Down Domino will be waiting for you and once you get back, she will tell you that she is doubling down again but this time with her own life and begins to attack you.

After killing Double Down Domino, there will be a dropped ECHO log which is a recording of her message about doubling down once more.

Your next task is to head over to Trashlantis where you have ben instructed by the mayor to head over too after the record gave a challenge to kill a “Shark”.

As you follow the waypoint, you will come across the hideout of a bandit called “The Shark” who you must then kill.

Surprisingly Double Down Domino will finally admit defeat and soon after the mission will finally come to an end.

Double Down Mission Rewards

Completing the Double Down mission will reward you with an amount around 69,360 cash with the addition of the “Double Downer” epic shield mod.


  • Its best to make use of the fast travel feature to avoid wasting time running around the area over and over again.
  • You will come across both robotic and humanoid enemies which makes bringing corrosive and incendiary a good choice when it comes to weapons.
  • The Double Down mission apparently appears to be a combination of multiple fetch quests and in order to finish them you need to have access to the different areas.
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