Moxxi’s Heist DLC Guide

Borderlands 3 Moxxi’s Heist DLC

Moxxi’s Heist is a DLC that was added on December 19 2019 which introduces a new location called “The Handsome Jackpot” which is a casino that Moxxi had designed a while back when she was with Handsome Jack.

As a plot for revenge, Moxxi attempts to set up a plan to take over the casino as her final revenge towards handsome jack, giving her full control of the casino as well as all the factions on it.

During the events of the DLC, you will meet several new characters and unravel a bit about the past which goes on back to the previous Borderlands series including the involvement of Moxxi and Handsome Jack.

There will be a step by step procedure through mission as you and Moxxi take on the casino bit by bit while making new friends along the way.

Moxxi’s Heist Missions


The main story of Moxxi’s heist revolves around 7 different missions which will eventually end with Moxxi having you help her take over the casino.

A ton of maps are included and the missions will take you from place to place as you discover areas full of loot, new crew challenges as well as enjoy the new content.

There will be bosses in the game that can give you good loot aside from the other legendary weapons that have been added with the DLC.

Here are the following missions in Moxxi’s Heist Of The Handsome Jackpot:

Crew Challenges


There are additional crew challenges available for you to complete with the Moxxi’s Hest DLC which will grant you rewards afterwards.

These crew challenges may be found amongst almost all of the locations within “The Handsome Jackpot”

The following are the crew challenges:

  • Mayor’s Killer Look – Killing looters and/or robots.
  • Pieces Of Resistance – Deliver a package made by Ember to eliminate enemies.
  • Torgue’s Marketing Mistake – Help Torgue get rid of his product gone bad.



Completing certain tasks and Crew Challenges will grant you different trophies that have been added in the DLC.

The following are the trophies for Moxxi’s Heist:

  • A Proper Hand-Off – Gained after completing the All Bets Off
  • Firebug – Delivering Ember’s packages will award this trophy.
  • Killer Look – Killing the targets given for the Mayor’s Outfit challenge.
  • Scovillain – Destroying all of Torgue’s sauce products grants this trophy.
  • Shoe Money Tonight – The minigame chest that allows you to play blackjack will grant you this trophy if you score a 21.
  • Don’t Be A Stranger – Visiting the Clapstructor bot from the One Man’s Treasure mission will grant this trophy.
  • Who Collects The Collector – There is a wandering debt collector that may be found and defeated which rewards you with this trophy.



  • Bringing a corrosive weapon and incendiary weapon will be a big help as most enemies will be bandits as well as robots.
  • There are several maps and you may use fast travel to get around quicker so you do not have to keep running back and forth.
  • Be sure to restock on ammo whenever you find vending machines as there will be several enemies.
  • The missions are doable if you are playing solo but will be fun and easier with a team.
  • There is a lot of loot lying around such as chests, lockers and even vending machines that will give you good loot or an amount of cash.
  • You may fight through the areas again and may farm the bosses in order to obtain new legendary gear.
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