Warframe Railjack Payload Guide (Restocking & Forge Location)

The Payload is the Railjack’s stock of certain resources that are used up when the Railjack is in use and is important for the success of a mission.

One can use this section at the Drydock to replenish each of the resources that cost other resources that are farmable from Railjack missions.

All of these resources may be crafted if you have the required resources needed for crafting them which you will farm over time.

Warframe Railjack Ship

Railjack Payloads

1) Revolite

Revolite is a resource that is needed to operate the Omni tool which you need to repair damage on your Railjack.

Without Revolite, you will be unable to fix damage on the Railjack which will eventually end in the mission failing.

2) Flux Energy

Flux Energy is required to power battle and tactical avionics which is consumed when these are used and by an amount depending on what avionics they are being used for.

Having battle or tactical avionics while running on little to no Flux Energy will render them unusable until more is crafted.

3) Munitions

Munitions serve as the ammo that is used when using your Railjack’s Ordnance which plays a big role in missions due to the large amount of damage that can be done with them.

To use the Ordnance, you will have to have munitions either crafted in advance or crafted during missions if you have collected enough resources for it.

4) Dome Charge

Dome Charges serve as ammunition for the Railjack’s forward artillery which serves as a means to deal heavy amounts of damage, capable of severe destruction and even blowing up crew ships.

The stock for Dome Charges is not as high as most resources so it is wise to make every shot count and use them at the right moment.

Railjack Forge LocationForge Location in Railjack

While you are on a mission, you will start fully restocked with your payloads and once you run out of them, these need to be replenished.

This can be done at the forge located in your Railjack, which can be found by heading towards the back of the ship and going to the lower level.

You may access the forge by going up to it and interacting, which causes your Warframe to pull the console down to open its menu.

Payload RestockingRestocking Payloads in Railjack

As you progress through missions, you will be able to collect resources that are needed to replenish the different payloads that you have.

This includes Revolite, Energy, Hull Restore, Munitions, and Dome Charge as the options, with each requiring you to have certain resources.

Selecting the payload that you wish to replenish will allow you to restore it and once that is done, the forge will be on cooldown. (There are 4 forges that you can use in total)


Back then, you could restock the Railjack when you were in a Drydock but this has been changed along with the removal of some of the older resources.

Being able to restock your payloads during a fight and in between missions can be a huge advantage if you make sure to watch out for the Railjack’s health.

Going back to the Dry Dock will always restock all your payloads but when you are on missions, you will need to resort to the forge.

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