Acid Trip Side Quest in BL3

Borderlands 3 Acid Trip Mission

  • Mission Type: Side Mission
  • Planet: The Handsome Jackpot
  • Location: Jack’s Secret
  • Level: 50

A robot that calls itself Hitch requires your help as a new line of robots are being created and if this happens, its legacy will be destroyed.

You are tasked to head to the creation area where the robots are being made and put an end to their creation as well as destroy any of them that have been built.

Mission Walkthrough

May your way to the R&D lab which is located beyond the impound lot and should be accessible when you have progressed through the Moxxi’s Heist main quest.

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Follow the waypoint and it will eventually lead you to Jack’s Secret where you will soon make your way to the impound area.

The R&D Lab will be a long way out but eventually you will reach it and it will be at the top of a ladder which you will then climb up to proceed with the mission.

Once you reach the lab, Hitch will tell you to clear the lab of robots and once they appear you must destroy all of them before proceeding with the mission.

Once the lab has been cleared, access the nearby supercomputer to gain access to the prototype loaders that are stored there.

There will be two buttons that become pressable which will each release a prototype and you need to open both and destroy each robot.

The two prototype loaders will be released after pressing the nearby buttons and they will begin to attack you when you come into sight.

Destroy both of the prototype robots which will cause the lab’s system to activate the final prototype called “Facemelt”.

Once Facemelt has been released, head over to it and destroy it to end the last of the prototypes in the lab.

After you destroy Facemelt, Hitch will contact you and thank you for helping it which follows with the mission being completed.

Acid Trip Mission Rewards

After completion of the Acid Trip mission, you will be rewarded with around 69,360 cash and the “Melt Facer” epic shotgun.


  • Most of the enemies you face in the mission will be robots which makes bringing a corrosive weapon a good idea.
  • Facemelt may be a robot but for some reason it was designed to be immune to corrosive so be sure to bring another type of weapon for it.
  • Follow waypoints and ignore the enemies unless it is required to clear them if you want to rush the mission.
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